we can go up you can go down

well hello. my name is Maddy. i have a band fly up. the other members are Haylee, Penny, Sky and Dimond. we are all 14. are band is being compared to 1d. we are wining. 1d is mad and will stop at anything to get ride of us. we have to go on tour togrther. this will not be good. will they still hate us?


1. prolog.

 penny's pov.

i was online doing my daily stuff. 





first facebook. i was scroling down looking at some coments. i posted a photo of me and a metal i won when i was 10 at swimming.  niall comented look at the baby finlay won something. that upset me. i called DeDe (dimond)over. she looked at the comment and said "can i ask you something how long have you hated kids". i typed that down and fast i got a respond. just leave me alown. i logged off and went to IG. my only privet one. of course 1D followed me. i had a photo of me and Sky with Simon Cowlle. i mean he did sing us. Simon was like a second dad to us. 

  i commented below the photo: hey hi going over to Simons house he says he has good news oh god wish us luck.  i had a few comments like good luck, miss ya and have fun. last twitter. i saw a post on louis. going to simons house oh god hope the babys wont be there. he called us babe, baby and babes. i commented im no baby. 

one direction has always hated us. they say we took over simon and music  are sails go up and theres go  down. i hate pop music but thats what i need to sing. i love country. 

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