we can go up you can go down

well hello. my name is Maddy. i have a band fly up. the other members are Haylee, Penny, Sky and Dimond. we are all 14. are band is being compared to 1d. we are wining. 1d is mad and will stop at anything to get ride of us. we have to go on tour togrther. this will not be good. will they still hate us?


2. meet the girls


hello im Madiline Anny Marth. im the oldest in my band Fly Up also the leader. Ok onto me. well i have long waist langth curly brown hair. i ushely where it up in a high ponytail. my eyes are hazel but a hint of brown. i used to live in Californya. i lived with my mom and older sister Ally shes 18. my birthday is Jan 8. people call me maddy.



people call me sky. but my mom calls me Sidny Sky Court. so do my two sisters Sandy a sassy 20, and Sara a crepey 8 year old. if you lived in florida you might have seen me. a girl with shoulder curly blond hair with baby blue eyes. with the birthday of march 3. now people call me mama fly. they make fun of me for having common sence. im just a girl trying to fit in. 




im just me a girl with black hair, vary tan skin and hazel eyes. i love my job but i miss my home in Minnisota. i miss dad and lilly and mark. my mom died when i was 2. now lilly is the oldest at 22 she like a mom to me hates my job. my dad vary ill with cancer is going to leave me fatherless. good thing i have mark my second dad. besides my family im sassy. i like to show up people and tell them off. it comes in handy when 1d gives up lodes of crap. god i hate them. im dimond jewls klarkson. 



i have long blond hair. dark blue eyes. im a prakster when i have 10 sibings and im a tomboy aswell. theres luke lilly mark me missy jace pj dj kelly rilly. the age is vary spred out tho. 25 23 22 14 13 12 10 7 5 3. yep the only soprt i ever played was football. i love pulling pranks and goofing off. im haylee mari Pattersin. 




my real name is penny an odd name. Penny Ruth Berk. im an olny child. you might say im spolied i get nice clothes and phones and stuff no. im spoiled but with sport stuff. i love my new football its covered it rubys and says FLY UP. oh but my main soprt is swimming. oh god hear i go on my sports. well i have short wavey brown hair with green eyes.  

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