Just Another Dancer ~harry fanfic~

Emily Jay aka EJ has been dancing since she was 11 when she was thirteen she got her big break going to new York from London for her performing arts school excursion she went to maddison square garden broadway arena and met some of NYC best choreographers! this made her when she turned 18 pack up even though London was her favourite place ever she couldn't keep her mind of New York now being 19 she is known world wide for her talents in dancing. In one interview that she is in she does a little performance and One Direction just so happens to be watching Paul the boys manager notices her an calls up her manager asking for an interview.... Emily Jay and some friends become some dancers for one or two of one direction tour songs in one they have to do a speed version of ball room dancing Emily gets pared with harry and that starts a whole mess of outrageous things. ( shit blurb I know.)


1. 19th Bday


"Happy Birthday!!" All my friends and Family Screamed

"I'd just like to thank my mum and dad for well raising me and my friends for giving me the best years of my life. Without you guys I'd never be where I am or Who I am, I probably wouldn't be a dancer at all and that frightens me! okay I officially suck at these speech things so I'm gonna go and get drunk!!"

I said everyone laughed knowing me I was a party animal cause I never got hungover for some reason I don't know my parents say that it's a rare thing so merp.

"Ej are you going to tell them about New York?" My best friend Claire asked she was the only one that knew about it yep that's right I'm moving from London to New York I love london and all but New York is where I got noticed and I love it for that reason so I'm moving there and probably staying there!..

"No.." I said taking a shot then another

"You have to tell them tonight since it's tomorrow that your leaving" she said grabbing a 'sex on the beach' (type of drink) 

"Seriously Claire my parents are gonna kill me for this if they find out

"Ej its best to actually tell them before just leaving they'll think you ran away"

"Claire we all know I dont do running away it's what my brother did and I hated it" I spat skulling a martini 

"Seriously Ej get your ass up there tell them your Job offer and say it's in New York"

"Fine! your so bossy" I sassed walking to the stage a little buzzed 

"Uhm excuse me" I said in the mic only a few people turned

"HEY DRUNK MOFO'S " I screamed everyone turned to me I just smiled and said Hi 

"Okay uhm one last thing a few weeks ago I got a job offer to perform for famous people but there's a catch it's in New York..... and I'm leaving tomorrow bye!" I said the last part real quick getting off the stage that's when my parents came to me really quick

"Why didn't you tell us.." my mum said my farther spoke up

"Your not going your only"

"19 yeah I know dad I'm not the youngest there! there is a 15 year old going to it I didn't tell you cause I know you'd do exactly this. I wasnt actually going to tell you till claire brought up Jake and how he just got up and left" I said they froze at Jake your probs wondering who he is? 


well I had a brother my whole life till the night of his 17th I was 16 we had heaps of fun and all but during the night he disappered we didn't notice till we got home you know thinking he was with his friends but when we got home I ran to my room to find a note on my bed saying during the night after speeches he left the party came home and packed he was on his way to New Jersey or California I dont know what one cause he said them to.. On my 17th I thought he would come home.. but he didn't he didn't even send a card or something that made me depressed thinking my brother had forgotten me.. then on my 18th again he didn't send anything so I just ignored any word of him I actually forgot about him till tonight it effected my mum really bad but my dad had to be strong I know it was a bitch move bringing up Jake but I did.

"What can I get yah?" Asked the bar tender he looked familar like a kid that I went to school with not my brother hell no I'd recognize him if he was here

"Strongest drink." I said bluntly a few minutes came by he gave me something not so strong that I'd like a cranberry vodka

"Do you remember me?" He asked I looked at him and shrugged

"You look familiar" he smiled and looked at me

"13 years old 14 years old dance school hip hop class.."

"New York Excurssion" we said at the same time then it clicked

"Robbie?" I asked he nodded I squealed and leant over the bar hugging him

"How have you been?" I asked 

"Good good my dance career is gone though"

"What?! you have got to be kiddin me you where the best kid in the class" 

"Yeah but when it went to New York I kinda dodge doing the performance thing at madison square"

"Uhm why?"

"So others could win a few days before we went there teachers kept saying I'd get noticed and I didn't want to sure I loved dance but I liked singing" He stated I nodded then the music went off and the Dj spoke up

"Hey all you party animals it's now 3 am and time to go happy birthday Ej" he said I smiled the Dj is Justin he's one of my best mates I ran up to him and hugged him

"Thanks Justin" I said kissing his cheek he smiled and kissed myn

"Anything for my lil sister.. I got you this for New York.. Claire told me a few weeks back " he stated I nodded he pulled out an apple touch screen laptop

"You can make music and I put all the tracks of myn you love to dance to on there and some pictures in a slide show that you can't look at till tomorrow" he said packing up his stuff I hugged him again and went back to the bar but Robbie was gone.. I shrugged and grabbed my coat my parents where loading the car with my presents when I got out of the club Claire and Amy where holding up a very Drunk Zoe I rolled my eyes

"Seriously again?" I asked walking over

"HIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLOOOOOOO EMIIIILLYYYY" Zoe screamed I rolled my eyes and said to the girls to take her to her house they nodded Claire gave me a hug

"I'll see you tomorrow I'm still taking you to the airport" I nodded and smiled I walked to the car my dad didn't speak a word but my mum was crying with happiness to see I'm growing up..

when I got home I packed everything and went to bed around twelve I have my flight..

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