Salzars revenge

When Caroline Watson finds out her dead father was a wizard and has been sent a letter from Hogwarts everything changes.
She has a mission to do from her dad but doesn't know what it means .
But weird things start happening will she and her new friends find out or will this mystery be forever locked behind the gateways of Hogwarts .
Read this story and find by yourself !!! <3


3. You're coming with me !!!

      Youre coming with me ! A guy in a black robe and hood took my moms hand and flew away with her .  This was terrible i didn't know what to do , i was sitting in the kitchen reading a book and of a sudden a stranger kicks off our door , take my mom and fly away ! I was getting crazy !  This isn't normal i wiped my eyes several times and i saw the same door lying on the floor,( which i yesterday swept to shiny) . But this isn't my only problem ! I was home alone and not just for a while someone parentnapped my MOM! I had no door whoever wanted could came and kidnapp me! I had a great fantasy but this didn't happen in my wildest dream. I had to stop the panic in my head . I said slowly. But what should i do i knew that first of all i should put the door back on it's place . I am not a weakling but gosh the door was heavy i had no chane lifting it up. I ran to my room and strarted my computer i need to find a service for door or it's the end.  But i won't let another stranger in my house. And then the idea poped in my head. Our neighboor was a door something ...maybe he could do this...knocked OFF door. I rang the bell of next house . Mr. Pussy wasn't a close friend but better than a total stranger i never met.  His wife opened the door , oh hi kat ( my nickname)  Hi Mrs.Pussy i wandered if Mr.Pussy is home? Ohh he is still in job but when he comes i'll tell him .  What do you need Kat?  Umm our door is to say it.. Knocked off. What? Can i see if he is able to fix it ? Umm yeah i think . When we crossed our lawn and stood upon the door , Mrs.Pussy said just WOW . What did you do to it!  Umm... Quickly had to find an excuse. You know playing ...bowling. I said with a shaky voice . And slapped my forehead with my hand  Bowling!okay i won' ask again. Mrs.Watson ?she shouted . I bit my lip what should i say to her i wasn't prepared to tell anyone and she would think i am crazy. In each way i can't say her the truth. Now i was totally stressed out. You know Mrs.Pussy my mom isn't home yet. I was bitting my lip biso hard i could taste my blood now.  At last she said i will send my husband here when he gets home but probably you'll need new door , because this one is crushed into pieces . With a bowling ball you say. Yeah  said quickly and gave her a huge teeth smile  . And  by the way thanks. Thats okay.   Wow. This stressed me out a bit more , but at least i'll get a new door . But what should i do after that , mom was my only family left. But dad had a close friend in his job but it was in london and we live at Slovakia pretty small place i never really had friends so called Howard dads friend . I sat down on the windowsill to look if someones coming everybody who passed by stared at our door at least were our door had stood, but nobody had the courage to walk in, and that made me happy.  The phone still beeped and i waited to connect me with Howard. When someone crossed our the path and was walking toward the house. Finally i was connected hello molly (my moms name) , i was on my moms phone. It's Kat. Ohh hi kat i heard last words from the phone . The fat guy started to ran as he saw  the door on floor. Help! I wisper shouted in the phone and ended the call . I can't let the stranger to find me . I hid behind the curtain and my breath stoped . What i will do now?
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