Salzars revenge

When Caroline Watson finds out her dead father was a wizard and has been sent a letter from Hogwarts everything changes.
She has a mission to do from her dad but doesn't know what it means .
But weird things start happening will she and her new friends find out or will this mystery be forever locked behind the gateways of Hogwarts .
Read this story and find by yourself !!! <3


2. Letters and a blow up

Salzars revenge 2

  It was written in a secret code . How should i find out what it means? I was curious and angry at the same time. When sudenlly i heard as a letter flew throught the mail hole. I ran ,i was waiting my best friend Nelly to send me a postcard she was in London i always wanted to go there but had never been let althrough my father worked there . He said he was busy in that job and that he would'nt have time on her.   I picked up the letter , i saw an old envelope with red stamp in which one word was written : Hogwarts . It made me curious , i opened the door to ask the postman from where it came because there was not a back adress. Nobody was there , this was a fast postman , i opened the letter while thinking from whom it was. I read:  Ms.Watson  By this we cogratulate you for being accepted to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy. This was some kind of joke . She said and bursted out laughing What was a joke ? Asked mom who had a confused look. Ohhh... Nothing i just got a prank list from nelly i think. Ok. She didnt seem intrested and walked away. I threw it to the rubish and didnt even read the second letter in there.   A day later a totally same letter came again i threw it again. This was happening for a week . She wasn't giving up i thought. It was after lunch time and i was reading a book. When someone knocked on the door. Mom took the door and i heard just her saying : Please we dont want and strangers in our house and shut the door closed . She came to dining room and i asked who it was ? I don't even know! And laughed a bit and at that same time someone blowed our door away.
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