My Tutor is My Love?

Daisy and her best friend Lizzy (I'm sorry I always use my name in ALL my movellas) are crazy fun active attractive fun goofy and out of control what happens when Daisy starts getting bad grades the teacher arranges for Marcel the school geek to tuter he will her Tuter be her love?


1. Ch.1

Daisy's POV 

I woke up took a shower let 'my hair air dry i wore a pair of white skinny jeas and an Orenge Shirt and matching flats i put light make-up on went down sairs "mornin mum" i said to my mother "mornin hunny c'mon eat you breakfast so you won' be late for your first day of school" she said I finished my breakfast and gave my mum a kiss on the cheak and left i started walking when i heard my name "Day-Day Daisy" I turned around and it was Lizzy my best friend "oh hey Lizzy whats new?" i asked "uhm just that this really cute guy followed me on insta (A/N btw my insta is @lizzy_712 if u wanna follow) and he got my kik(again my kik is @Lizzy_120) and we texted untill like 3:00 in the morning and guess what?" She said she was wearing light make-up her hair straightend a pair of light blue ripped skinny jeans and purple flats and shirt "what?" I asked he said hes a new student at our school and i told him I'd meet him at lunch" she said happily i rolled my eyes she's always dating a different guy anyway we got to school and someone bumped into me and we both fell on the ground "oh I am so sorry I wasn't looking" a nerdy guy with glasses said "it's alright it happends" i said with a kind smile he smiled back we got up from the ground "Im sorry but 1. You have amayzing dimples whitch i  envey and 2. I LOVE your eyes" Lizzy said "thanks I've never gotten a complement before" he said with another smile i started melting NO! Daisy you can't fall for a geek!

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