Changing Fate

Kate Howard was just a young woman trying to get through life. Who knew that she was going to be kidnapped by people from the future and forced to raise a baby? Will she be able to ever find a way to escape along with the baby? And what will she do if she does? (Hi guys, because I just released a LOTR fan fiction, I thought that I would do a Doctor Who one because I'm even MORE obsessed with it than LOTR. Please read, like, fav and leave feedback, I would really appreciate it. )


3. Settling In

“That’s an interesting question,” replied the Doctor as he turned away and walked back towards the console. He flicked a few switches and the ship shifted slightly. “There, now we are completely safe in the Vortex,” he reported.

“The what?” asked a confused Kate.

Jack smiled. “He’s talking about the Time Vortex. Remember, he’s a time traveler,” he explained.

She nodded. She still did not understand a word that he just said — science was Jane’s territory — but something felt right about it. She still had to say, “So, basically you’re telling is that we are actually travelling through time through some sort of…tunnel?”

“You can say that,” chuckled Jack as he walked past her and stopped in front of the Doctor. “Took you long enough,” he told him.

“I had to take a detour. Got stuck in the 17th century.”

“Sure you did,” Jack retorted, turning back to give Kate a grin.

She giggled in response, but stopped when Melody began to squirm. “Do you have someplace I can settle her down in?” she asked. “It’s been a long day and Melody is getting tired.”

The Doctor smiled and replied, “Just go through that door and turn left. When you reach a door you feel is right, it probably is. Just rest for a bit and we can talk later.”

Nodding, she then looked at Jack, wondering what he was going to do next. He gave her a comforting smile and assured, “I’ll still be here, Kate. I’m not leaving you. Not after everything we’ve been through.”

She returned his smile and walked to the door that the Doctor indicated. Going through, she turned left and walked down the corridor until she reached a door. The feeling that was enveloping her was warm and inviting. “He said to use the one that felt right,” she muttered as she looked down at the baby. “What do you think?” she asked. All Melody did was gurgle. Pausing for a moment, Kate made her decision and reached for the doorknob.

Opening it, she saw that she was in a bedroom. The walls were a light cream color, with the molding a woodland green. The bed that was there was queen-sized, with rich dark maple bedposts and frame; and comforters that were the same cream color as the walls. In one corner, there was a lovely mahogany crib and changing table. “Well, sweetie, someone thought of everything,” she said as she entered the room.

Kate walked over to another door and opened it. She smiled in glee as she saw that it was a bathroom, equipped with a bathtub, toilet, and sink. “I think that it’s time for a bath,” she told the baby. She walked over to the changing table, took Melody out of her clothes and diaper, and wrapped her in the towel she grabbed from the bathroom.

She went back into the bathroom, put the plug in the drain, and began to run warm water. When the tub filled to the desired height, she stopped it and gently placed Melody in. The baby laughed in delight at the feel of the water and began to splash it. Kate laughed. “Hey now,” she said, “we need to get you clean.” The splashing stopped and she began to clean Melody up. Once that was done, she dried her and took her back out toward the changing table. She put a new diaper and a one-piece on Melody. “But where did that one-piece come from,” she thought. In fact, the bed had quite a few changes of clothing, both for her and for Melody. “Weird,” she thought as she looked at her charge. Kate smiled as she saw the baby yawn. “I think it’s time for bed,” she said as she laid the little one into the crib.

After assuring herself that Melody was asleep, she grabbed the tank top, sleep pants, and underwear from the bed and headed back into the bathroom, intent on taking a shower. She wanted to wash away the weeks of pain and dirt from her body and feel relaxed and safe again. As the water fell over her body, she began to cry. She began to cry over every moment that was lost to her, over every moment that Kovarian took away from Melody that she could have had with her mother. As she dried herself off, she wondered what her friends were doing at this moment, if Jane managed to open that wormhole. She even wondered if her family was missing her. “Like they would even care,” she thought as she put on the sleep pants and tank top.

As she walked back into the bedroom, Kate stopped when she saw Jack on the bed, his upper body leaning against the headboard. In his arms was Melody, who was sleeping soundly. Jack looked up when he noticed her walk in. “I came by to see if you and Melody were settling in alright,” he said as gently shifted the baby. She cried out in response before quieting down.

Kate smiled. “We doing alright,” she said as she moved to the other side of the bed. Crawling into bed, she sat next to him and asked, “What are you going to do after this?”

“I don’t know,” he replied, keeping his eyes on Melody. “I helped you and Melody as a favor to the Doctor. I spent all these years traveling from planet to planet, just ignoring everything and everyone around me. I just wanted to forget.”

“Forget what?” she asked. Jack did not answer, just kept his gaze down on the baby. Seeing that he was not going to respond, she instead asked, “Why did you help us?”

It was at this question that he turned his gaze to her; and in that gaze Kate saw the weight of years shining out from his eyes. “How old is he?” she thought. “I’ve known the Doctor for years, and just can’t seem to refuse him when he comes to call,” he answered.

“How old are you?”

He laughed. “Too old,” he responded. “I’m immortal. I can’t even die permanently. I’ve died thousands of times.” He trailed off after that.

Kate just looked at him. She felt pity for him. Somewhere deep down, he is suffering from some pain, a pain that he would not admit to. And the look on his face just made her want to cry. “I’m glad you helped us,” she said, placing a hand on his closest arm.

Jack just smiled at her before moving out of the bed, Melody still in his arms. He walked over to the crib and placed the baby in it. He then turned to Kate and said, “Get some sleep. We have a lot of decisions to make tomorrow.” And with that, he walked out of the room.

Kate just stared at the door for a moment before falling asleep, the mysterious captain with his sorrowful eyes invading her dreams.

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