Unbelievable - A One Direction Story

Seventeen year old Elise has never been in love. She thought she was weird for finding relationships, especially in High School, absolutely disgusting. Then... her life changed when a certain Harry Styles set his eyes on her.


1. Preface

We stood inches apart, the silence trickling through the atmosphere with an aftertaste of anxiety. We stared into each others eyes for an immeasurable amount of time, his green eyes reflecting mine. In an instant, his eyes shifted down as his hands slid down my back and to my waist, sending shivers down my spine. He tentatively drew me in closer, his eyes now carefully measuring my response. Then his eyes looked down to my lips, and back up to meet my eyes. My heartbeat turned to that of a hummingbird's as he smoothly leaned in to press his lips to mine. As he kissed me, he drew me even closer and slid his hands back up my back, while one traveled to my hair, stroking it as he moved his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, breathing every inch of him in.

I didn't know how we were going to make this work, but we would.

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