Unbelievable - A One Direction Story

Seventeen year old Elise has never been in love. She thought she was weird for finding relationships, especially in High School, absolutely disgusting. Then... her life changed when a certain Harry Styles set his eyes on her.


2. Drudgery

I pulled into the school parking lot slowly, the sweet noise of pop culture blasting through my radio. I didn't want to be here at all; well, most kids feel that way I guess, but today was the day I especially did not want to be at school. Why you may ask? Well... it centered around a misguided relationship, ignited initially through my best friend's belief that myself and a certain pig-headed idiot would appear "cute" together. I know, I was stupid. I succumbed to conformity and let it rule my life for three weeks straight. In all honesty, I had been sick of Dillon ever since he slid his hand into mine. He was so oblivious and emotional; however, my tolerance level for annoying guy tendencies is zero. The only subjects he could talk about were his fetish for Minecraft, his daily routines to improve his pecs, and Green Day. I thought I could handle it, and that our relationship would classify as one of balance and communication if I worked hard to make it happen. I put more than my best foot forward, I even subjected my mouth to the cause. Don't even let me get started on Dillon's "kissing skills". I know in Nicholas Sparks movies the usage of tongue in a kiss appears romantic and passionate, but I'm pretty sure that they either have a hidden dental tool to suck the saliva up, or Dillon was simply never taught the difference between a kiss, and feeding a baby penguin. The aforementioned remains the reason why I am finally putting my foot down today: I'm breaking up with Dillon.

Why I listened to Sarah... I'll never know. I'm guessing I was just bored with the drudgery of daily life, and most of my girlfriends gushed about the perks of having a boyfriend, so I probably thought, "Why not? I'm seventeen! I've never had a boyfriend, it could be fun!" I should have known to trust my gut. Let my ignorant and uncultured friends embrace the mindless relationship cult. I will proudly hashtag "forever alone" wherever I go. So... why was I so nervous? As I cut off the soothing thrum of the engine and made my way to the front of the large and now menacing building, my heart began to thrum in my chest as I realized why I was nervous: I was nervous because of the gossip, rumors, and undying awkwardness that proceeds relationships. I had had the opportunity to witness an incomprehensible amount of breakups to know what was to be expected. Hopefully, the whole thing would blow over in a couple of days.

As I opened the school doors I thought to myself, "Tomorrow, you'll tell him tomorrow. You can handle one more day." Then my eyes met with the soon to be "victim" of my "heartlessness". He smiled, but his eyes retained his blank stare as he approached me and dutifully slid his hand into mine before recounting his adventures on the virtual world the night before. I masterfully pretended to be engaged. In his eyes, my mind was wrapped around creepers and dynamite when truly, I was intensely involved in my own mental warfare of whether or not to break up with him today or not.

"Yeah babe, the whole time I was building the pyramids, I was thinking of you."

"Gosh... thanks."

"You really inspired me to make them."

"Wow. I really do not know what to say."

"Yeah, so... want to hang out after school?" Dillon gave me his attempt at a smolder then winked. Of course I knew what he wanted and that's how the angry little voice inside my head, pleading with me to break up with him today, won.

"Dillon... I don't want to hang out after school today."

Of course my voice went straight through the hole in his ear to the other side.

"Yeah, we could meet behind the school..."

"Dillon, I said I don't want to hang out today."

"Or we could go to my car..."

"Dillon, I'm going to tell you one more time: I am not hanging out with you today."

"Or we could go build some houses for my chickens, I really need..."

"Dillon!" I shouted, finally causing his eyes to slowly meet mine, while receiving the attention of anyone and everyone within a five person radius.

"What, babe?" Dillon asked innocently, oblivious to my obvious agitation.

Anger welled up inside me as I clenched my hands into fists and tried to coolly utter, "Don't call me babe."

"What? I couldn't hear you, babe."

"I said, don't you ever call me babe again! Did that register in your pea-sized brain?" I shouted.

Dillon looked like a deer in the headlights; I tried to ignore the multiplying audience.

"We're over, Dillon. Completely and one-hundred-percent over. Don't text me, don't look at me, and don't you DARE call me any pet-name again."

Then I stormed off to class, my face flushing a bright red as I realized what I had just done.

If I thought the rumors and gossip would be bad before, they would be nothing compared to what was about to ensue.

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