When Brittany gets framed for something she didn't do and gets sent to the mental hospital. It's all up to one guy to help her get through it and show everyone that she isn't the person the reporters say she is, She's way different. Maybe along the way things might get a little confusing and Mental. But what more do you expect from a patient at a mental hospital?


2. The Girl On The News

-Britney's Pov-





I walked towards the cafeteria. Everybody stopped eating and turned my way. I just

gave them a look and they looked away. I inwardly chuckled. I scare people off easily.

They never let me out of my room. They think I'm gonna kill someone. I sat down

on a table alone. I never talk to anybody. I'm on my own. Which is good. When you're

alone nobody can hurt you. Therefore I don't trust anybody. I bit into 

my apple and stared at my surroundings. "So back to Access Hollywood." a lady

announced on the tv. Ugh. I inwardly groaned. Every time I do have permission

to come out. They are always, and I mean ALWAYS, watching this show.  We do have

some teens in this building but the rest are mainly children and adults. 

The kids aren't crazy. They're just sick. This hospital is joined with a Cancer

hospital and a mental hospital. I hate everybody here. They're what you call mental.

I'm the normal one here. Compared to all these freaks. I do find this little girl

okay. She's very cute but annoying. She has some type of chemo cancer. 

Her name is Katrina. I don't really talk to her because I don't trust her

but when she talks to me I just listen and nod. Some times she has interesting

stuff to say. I heard her father died in a car accident. Her mom visits her

very often but not to often. I feel bad for her. She doesn't have a long time.









I threw my apple in the trash and walked out the

cafeteria. "Britney! Come back!" I heard Dr. Chance yell. I started running. I ran

down the hall till I reached the elevators.I hate elevator but I have to suck it

up to get a way from here. I walked in there and pressed the 

lobby button. The door closed just as Dr. Chance made his ways to the end of

the hall way. I waved at him as the door shut. I kept counting down from 20.

It took so long for the door to open. I was freaking out. As the door opened I 

stepped out. "What is she doing here?" "They let her out?" "oh my god."

people whispered and commented to each other as they saw me.

"Hey you!" somebody yelled. Shit. I continued to run down the never

ending white hallways. I opened the door in the end of the hallway  I looked 

back and saw more nurses and doctors coming after me. I ran into the room

still looking back at them. I bumped into something but I was too busy to even

look or bother with it right now. "Get over here." Dr. Chance yelled with 3 security

guards behind him. I just sat there. He bent down and grabbed my

hand. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled and started kicking at him. "oofh." I heard 

under me. Oh snap. I stood up. A guy stood up and dusted himself off. The security

guard came up to me. He had a tazer in his hand. He launched himself at me

but I moved and grabbed his hand with the tazer and pointed towards him. He backed up.

My hand kept shaking. I didn't know what to do. I was freaking out,










"Hey." someone called my attention. I snapped my head to that boy I fell on.

I gave him a questioning look. "You don't wanna use that. It's okay they won't

hurt you if you give it back to them." his voice was just so calm and soothing.

"Justin. That's the girl from the news. Get away from her." a petite lady behind him

scolded him. "mom it's fine." he blew her away. I turned my head back to the

security guards who have multiplied. One launched himself at me. I pressed the

button on the tazer and it got him on the chest. He fell on the floor. The other

security guards looked at me then back at rhe other security guard

and then back at me. 3 launched them self at me. I started screaming.

"No get off of her!" I heard that familiar voice again. What's his name again? Jason?

 I kept screaming. They were practically dog piling. "Kenny get them off her!" he yelled.

Seconds later the security guards flew half way across the room. I stood up

and looked around my surroundings.











"Hey." Jason , I think it's his name, 

called again as he took a step closer to me. I took a step back.

"I'm not going to hurt you." he tried reassuring but I can't trust him.

"What's your name?" he asked taking a step closer. "We think her name is Britney."

Dr. Chance walked up from behind me. Justin sighed. "I knew that. I wanted to hear

it from her." he gestured to me. "Well good luck with that.  She hasn't spoken at

all. All we hear is her screaming. I'm sorry Mr. Bieber. This won't happen again.

Come along Britney."  Dr. Chance spoke to him and then put his hand on my 

shoulder. I winced at the sudden feeling. He took his hand off my shoulder.

"Well are you coming or are we gonna have to drag you in there ?" he asked pretty

annoyed if you ask me. I walked in slowly and started walking down the hall

towards the elevator. The elevator ride was quiet. Once i got to my room.

The doctors locked it. There's cameras all around my room. If you didn't think that

was bad enough there was a huge tinted windows on the left side of my bed.

The doctors stay there and take notes to see how I react to things. I crawled into my bed and hugged myself. What did I do to deserve this? I'm not fucking crazy.

I got off the bed and walked into my restroom.











I shut the door and locked it. The restroom are the only places that doesn't

have any cameras. I think it's pretty stupid that they have a lock in the restrooms.

I turned on the light and walked to my bathtub and stepped in. I sat in there and hugged

my legs. I rocked myself back and forth. I kept going through the thoughts that

were fogging up my mind. I didn't kill my parents. I'm sure of it. I didn't. I'm not fucking

crazy. I wouldn't kill them. Would I? No! They're my fucking parents for God's

sake. I shut my eyes. I started getting images in my head. There was these guys.

They had masks on. Then it went all black for a sec then another imagine came

into my head. There was a knife and blood on the floor. Then it went black for

a second then another image popped up. It was my mom. A guy was stabbing

her. I started screaming. The image seemed so real. I had tears running

down my face. I couldn't open my eyes. The image kept replaying in my head.

I screamed my lungs out. I heard the door bust open. Then I heard some

gasps and some doctors talk. "Britney calm down." I heard doctor Chance. 

"It's gonna be okay. Open your eyes." He said soothingly. I always liked

Dr. Chance more. I couldn't open my eyes. Why? I don't know.

It's like my mind wanted to torture me. I suddenly felt a strange pain

on my arm. I felt light head. Soon the images started fading into darkness.


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