When Brittany gets framed for something she didn't do and gets sent to the mental hospital. It's all up to one guy to help her get through it and show everyone that she isn't the person the reporters say she is, She's way different. Maybe along the way things might get a little confusing and Mental. But what more do you expect from a patient at a mental hospital?


1. Plot

-Britney's Pov-




They all walked into my room. When I mean 'they' I mean the doctors.

They think I'm mental for some reason. Which I kinda am. I'm talking to myself aren't I? 

Unless normal people do this too? If they do does that mean they're not normal either?

They also think I murdered my family.  Well I wouldn't know if I did or didn't.

I don't remember anything from that night. They only found me in the house

with my parents dead on the scene. I wouldn't do that though. Would I? 

No. I might not remember but I don't think I'd kill my family.

They walked up to me. I started screaming really loud. I don't like them. 

I sometimes do it to annoy them. I been in St. Joseph's Mental Hospital Institute for

over 6 years. "Shut up." Dr. Gonzalez snapped. She was a bitch. The other doctor came to

the right side of the bed. "We're gonna give you these pills to help you sleep." One of the other

doctors spoke as if I was a child. I just stared at her.






I think her name was Dr. Jones? She took cautious steps

towards me. She held out her hand expecting me to take it. I just stared down at it.

Does she actually think I'm gonna take it? I don't trust her. In fact

I don't trust a lot of people. Wait scratch that. I don't trust anybody.. I just

kept staring down. She huffed and stepped closer and put a hand on my

forehead and the other hand on my chin. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" I yelled.

I just hate when people touch me. Especially without my permission. It somehow

reminds me of my past. Even though the events that happened back then

traumatized me and it somehow triggered amnesia. The police and doctors

thought I was making it up. But in reality I don't really remember much, 

What I remember is  a real blur. At times I get flashbacks in my dreams. 

I heard a doctor tell another doctor that when they found me. I had blood

all over my hands and face and i was hugging my knees in a corner of a room.





She backed up. Two of the male doctors in their mid 20's came

up to me. "You have to  take your medicine." Dr. Chance informed me as

if I didn't know English. He gestured  Dr. Jones to give him the pills. She

did and backed up towards the entrance. Hah. I scare her. Yeah she better be

afraid. I don't care if I hurt her.  "Your gonna take these pills the easy way

or the hard way." he held his hands  up in defense as he shrugged.

He handed me the pills. I slapped his hand away. 

He sighed. Another doctor walked up to him and handed him more pills. He looked

back at me. "The hard way it is." two doctors came by my side an held

my head back. I started screaming and kicking. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled.

I suddenly felt a pain on my arm. The doctors backed up. I just stared at them

trying to figure out what just happened. Minutes later my eyes became heavy.

I blacked out..

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