Going Nowhere

'Hey babe I won't be able to make it back. The band has an interview tomorrow. I'm sorry I love you' I read the text holding back tears. I texted back a simple 'That's alright Love you too' I don't think this relationship is going nowhere. Niall Horan Fan fiction


1. Expecting.

I sat at in my flat. I am 19 and graduated so I was able to move out of my parents house and live with my boyfriend Niall Horan from One Direction. He is on tour but he is on a break for two days and he is coming down for now. I sat on the couch watching the telly on my phone reading tweets and waiting for Niall to text me. I glanced up to the telly and saw that it was on commercials. I looked down at my phone again reading tweets. Some were nice but lots were evil and hate. I sighed and got up and went to the kitchen and made myself a nice cup of hot tea. I sat down at the kitchen table and took a sip of my tea. I was scrolling through my twitter still until a little *ting* rang through my ears which meant I got a text. I saw it was from Niall I smiled to myself and opened it only to have my smile go away


To: Rosie

'Hey babe sorry I can't make it I know it's our break but we have an interview and a photo shoot and I'm sorry but I love you and it's on live air! We have to talk after too'

From: Niall


I read it holding back my tears. I haven't seen Niall for months I never knew dating a celebrity would be so hard. I replied to him.


To: Niall

'It's alright. I'll be watching it and alright can't wait! xx'

From: Rosie


We both had IPhone's so we could tell if the other person read it or not. Niall saw it but never replied. I rubbed my temples and groaned. I don't know what to do with our relationship anymore. I heard the door bell ring. I looked at the time. 9:47 pm. Who would be here? I opened the door to see my friend Scarlett


"Oh hi Scarlett what are you doing here?" I asked letting her in. She was looking down at her phone


"Oh hun I heard about Niall not coming back from his break so I thought I'd drop by and be some support at least" Scarlett said putting a hand on my knee I looked down at her hand then looked at her face. Me? Need support!? Psh I don't need support


"Thanks Star but I think I don't need support, I know my boyfriend is busy and sometimes can't be there for his girlfriend who he hasn't seen for months in fact he is probably buying me a sorry gift and is mailing it out" I said as I know, Niall wouldn't do that because he thinks I'm alright. This relationship is going nowhere but I don't want to break up with him quite yet. Scarlett looked at me and was about to say something till something from the telly caught her eyes she had a concentrated face so I followed her gaze. On the telly was One Direction.


"So who here has a girlfriend?" The interviewer said. Louis, and Zayn raised their hand. I could feel my heart shatter into a million pieces. "Niall, I thought you had a girlfriend?" The interviewer said I could feel my heart race. Niall looked at the lads, they all nodded. What was going on?


Niall shook his head "We broke up today" He said simply I felt a tear slip.


"Rosie ... are you alright?" Scarlett asked I forgot she was here.


I wiped the tear and nodded "Yeah I'm fine. It's getting late I should go to bed" I said to Scarlett, she nodded and got up from the couch. I walked her to the door and she hugged me good bye


"I'll see you tomorrow okay baby girl" Scarlett said as she walked to her car I nodded and waved and shut my door I looked at the telly and saw them still in the interview. I rolled my eyes and shut off the telly and the lights and grabbed my phone. I ran upstairs and plugged in my phone and played 'Angel in the night' by Basshunter I put my hair in a bun and took off my make up while dancing a little I brushed my teeth and put on my proactive. What can I say I get acne still. I shut off the bathroom light and shut the door and put on my little nightlight and sat in bed reading funny tweets. Around 2 I turned off my night light and fell asleep to Little Things playing in the back ground.



(Okay so do you think Niall is trying to break up with Rosie or is it something else? But new story EEEK :D anyways Sorry Harry but I said I was gonna anyways love you boo -Louis)


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