As Long As You Love Me

Justin has been on tour for a couple months. Justin is really missing Kaylee. They talk on the phone, text, and Skype everyday. But that isn't enough. kaylee, the good girl, is mixed in with the bad crowd because Justin isn't there to stop her. What will happen to their relationship while Justin is away? *IF YOU HAVENT READ ONE LESS LONELY GIRL THEN YOU WONT UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK!*


10. Run Aways

We went to Justin's and packed some clothes. We walked around the house one last time before leaving. We walked into the backyard, our first swim party. The kitchen, where I would sit on the counter and watch Justin make breakfast and sing to me. The living room, where we would just cuddle and watch corny scary movies. Then we walked in to the babies room, where we would sit on the floor for hours and hours rocking the babies to sleep trying to get them to stop crying. And the bathroom where Justin has saved my life more than once. Im going to miss this house. but my new life is just beginning.

We drove for hours on end. I leaned my chair back and closed my eyes thinking of our new lives together as Justin sang quietly to me. I closed my eyes and dozed off into a deep sleep.

*Hey Lovelies! Next chapter is the last. I know this is a short chapter and this book is short, but I feel like I pretty much summed it all up in the first, so next chapter is the last. Bye Boos :*

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