As Long As You Love Me

Justin has been on tour for a couple months. Justin is really missing Kaylee. They talk on the phone, text, and Skype everyday. But that isn't enough. kaylee, the good girl, is mixed in with the bad crowd because Justin isn't there to stop her. What will happen to their relationship while Justin is away? *IF YOU HAVENT READ ONE LESS LONELY GIRL THEN YOU WONT UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK!*


8. I feel like.. Forget it.

I woke up in an empty bed.

Kaylee: Justin?

No answer.

Kaylee: JUSTIN?


I got up and walked down stairs.

I saw a note on the counter.

Dear Kaylee,

I went ou with some friends, be back soon! Im sorry I wasn't there when you woke up baby, but I will make it up to you when I get back. Bye Boo.

Love, Justin <3

He was so sweet. I walked upstairs grabbed my phone and called Amanda.

Kaylee: Hey girl! I know we haven't talked for awhile, so do you wanna get together for lunch and some shopping?

Amanda: Tots gurl! I miss you like cray!

We talked for a little after that, I then started getting ready. I walked to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. I then pulled my hair up in the towel and walked to my closet. I pulled out tribal leggings, a pink tank top, a black cardigan, a brown pair of uggs, and a long necklace with a tiny elephant charm. I pulled it all on and then walked back to the bathroom, I did my makeup then dryed my hair. It looked horrid, so I curled it. I now looked presentable. Last touches was pink baby lips and some perfume. I then grabbed my keys and met Amanda for lunch.

Amanda: I need to tell you something. I saw Justin holding another girl..

My body froze. I couldn't say anything.

Amanda: I saw them a few mins ago in a store looking at rings. Then they walked out holding holds and then sat on a bench and they started kissing and cuddling.

My world shut down. I grabbed Amanda's arm and then pulled her in a hug. I started bawling. We drove to Amanda's house. I spent the night. At 5 I got a call from Justin. I answered but didn't say anything.

Justin: Baby? Where are you? I need you to come home.

Amanda: She's not coming home.

Justin: Why?

I started crying.

Amanda: She knows about your other girl.

There was a pause.

Justin: Kaylee. Im so sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. I only love you. I don't love anyone else.

This made me cry even more. I knew he was bad for me, but I just loved hearing his voice..

Justin: Im so so sorry.

I just had to let go. I hung up and layed on my side. And cryed.

I thought of the concert. When he handed me the roses and kissed me.

When he asked me out.

our first date.

First date.

First time.


the twins.

Then I started thinking of the bad times..

I just layed there and cried.



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