As Long As You Love Me

Justin has been on tour for a couple months. Justin is really missing Kaylee. They talk on the phone, text, and Skype everyday. But that isn't enough. kaylee, the good girl, is mixed in with the bad crowd because Justin isn't there to stop her. What will happen to their relationship while Justin is away? *IF YOU HAVENT READ ONE LESS LONELY GIRL THEN YOU WONT UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK!*


9. Break Down

I really was sorry. I loved Kaylee, idk why I thought I needed a new girl..

I was emotionally drained. My life was worthless, but I couldn't kill myself. I rwally wanted to but the baby. I couldn't do that. I got to go get breakfast. I knew Amanda was probably on her morning run, like always. She is really into fitness. Its really funny too. I called Justin.

JuSTIN: Hello?

I started breaking down again. I needed him. I don't care if he hurt me I just needed him.

Kaylee: I need you..

Justin: Ill be right over.

I knew I shouldn't have called him but I was so upset. I missed him. he got there ten mins later. I just held on to him. His scent sinking in to me. I missed him so much. I just held I ddint wanna let go. He meant too much to me. I needed him.

Justin: Lets run away, not tell anybody. Just leave everything and disappear.

Kaylee: Lets go.

I wrote Amanda a note. And my phone.

Dear Amanda,

I will be gone for a while. I'm leaving my phone with you. I need to get away for awhile. I hope you don't forget me, cause I wont forget you. Bye Boo!

Love Kaylee

Ps, listen to my voicemail from Justin.

The voicemail said,

Hey boo. we've been through a lot together and I just wanted to say thank you. I love you and you are my best friend. Good bye.

Ill miss her. A lot.



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