As Long As You Love Me

Justin has been on tour for a couple months. Justin is really missing Kaylee. They talk on the phone, text, and Skype everyday. But that isn't enough. kaylee, the good girl, is mixed in with the bad crowd because Justin isn't there to stop her. What will happen to their relationship while Justin is away? *IF YOU HAVENT READ ONE LESS LONELY GIRL THEN YOU WONT UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK!*


7. Big News


Doctor: Well, since you've had a lot of stomach problems, we didn't rule anything out. We tested if you were pregnant, if you had cancer, and other dieses. And.. It turns out.. Well your test results said you....

My heart froze. I could tell Justin was stressing and on the edge of his seat.

Doctor: Are pregnant again.

Kaylee: WHAT?

I was so happy! I started crying, and so did Justin. He was bawling. He grabbed my hands and kissed me.

Justin: This is perfect! I love you.

Kaylee: Yes it is, I love you too boo.

He grabbed my face and smushed his lips to mine. It felt like we were the people on the planet. The doctor and our surrounds disappeared. This moment could not have been more special.


A little bit later, I was changed and ready to go. Justin picked me up bridal style and carried me out to the car. he set me down in the seat and kissed me again, not that it wasn't just as special. We started talking names on the ride home.

Justin: I've always wanted a baby boy named Ryker

Kaylee: I love it! And if it's a girl... ummmm...

Justin: Mackenzie!

Kaylee: That's so perfect! Its so girly and cute!

So there it was Ryker or Mackenzie. Two adorable names for an adorable name.

Kaylee: Ummm Ryker Jacob, or Mackenzie Taylor.

Justin: Perfect baby, perfect.

He flashed a giant smile. When we got home we went on instagram and took a kissing picture. The caption read, " We just got the best news ever today! #mommy #daddy "

The comments were funny and so sweet. Like


We laughed at all the comments.

Justin: Honey!

Kaylee: Yes?!

I screramed from the other room.

Justin: Picnic, movie, you me now!

Kaylee: I'd love to, let me get ready!

I ran across the room to the closet. I pulled out this

I then ran to the bathroom and curled my hair loosely. It looked really pretty! I was fairly happy with my self. I then put on some pale pink lipstick and walked out to a sitting Justin putting on some red nikes. I then ran his hand through his hair. His head lifted up and noticed me, he walked up to me and whispered

Justin: You look beautiful

He then planted his lips on mine softly. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the park. We arrived and he pulled out a blanket out of the picnic basket and layed it out. We sat down and he pulled out the food, nutella sandwiches, apples, strawberries, and some homemade smoothies. He knows how I am into the heathly eating, so this made me laugh.

Kaylee: Isnt this so sweet?

Justin; Only the best for my baby girl.

He then grabbed and strawberry and fed it to me. We finished eating. He sat criss cross on the blanket and I rested my head in his lap. He fiddled with my hair as he sang quietly to me. We then took some pictures together, kissing ones, funny faces, smiles, and just some plain weird ones. We laughed and then walked to the movies. I got cold and Justin gave me his jacket. I felt so amazing wrapped up in his jacket. It smelled just like him, sweet and spicy. We then "watched" some corny horror movie. We then home.

Justin: I'm so excited for our new baby to come into this world. He or she will be very blessed with a family like us.

Kaylee: yes, they will have an amazing dad baby.

I smiled.

* hey Lovelies(: I'm sick.. So that's why I'm updating! Otherwise I'd be at school! I'm kinda glad I'm sick or this wouldn't have been up for like another week!(x Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Bye Boos, Oh wait! Comment Boy or Girl? :*

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