The Turn

A Boy named Marcel Has a normal life. Only that his brother is Harry Styles from one direction and he's other brother, Edwin, is an actor (He IS Harry from dark Dark) and the oldest is our sister, Gemma. But everything changes when Harry and Edward come back to Marcel's school.


1. The start chp.1


Moans looks at clock (9:13)

"HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!" grabs glasses

Hey my name is Marcel and Its the first day of school but this school year is going to be different. Mostly because my two brother are coming back this year! yeah my brother, I missed them. Specially Harry mostly cause he was the one that protected me from Edward my other brother we're all 17. Yeah we're triplets the differences is Harry is famouse and moved out at age 16 with his bandmates and Edward got his first job at age 10 as a singer but then became an actor at age 14 so he mooved out at age 13. Yeah I'm the only one in school but I am a part time french teacher. Yeah every monday and tuesday night 7-9 pm. 

"MARCEL!!!" said a raspy british accent.

who the hell??

"Come down you wimp!" said a deep british accent.

...Yeah That's Edward. I ran down the stares to find Harry and Edward


Harry's pov

"HEY GUYS!!" said a innocent british voice.


did he just said he missed him?? I looked at Marcel and he looked at me and Edward brought him into a hug. Oh God what did he do??

"Hey Marcel!" I said not as excided as edward and him

"HELLO HARRY!!" Said Marcel REALLY loud. he brought me to a hug and let me go

"You guys changed so much but still cute as a button both of you." said Marcel

me and Edward turned our heads looking at each other and turned back at him.

"First of all never ever say cute as a button EVER again!" said the deep ass voice (Edward aka Ed)

"Second of all we're triplit. We look alike" I said

he stayed quite and then Gemma came out of her room in a mini skirt and a tight shirt. Dam=mn she looked fine...IKNOW I SHOULDNT BE THINKING THAT BUT ITS A FREE WORLD!!!! I saw Ed cheecking her out and I slapped him. But he didnt care.

"Missy I dont think you should be wearing that!" I said 

She jumped and turned around with a gun pointing straight at me.


"OH Im soooo sorry is that mom been traveling in her busnises trips and Im kinda scare. anyways its getting late so GET OUT OF HERE AND GO TO SCHOOL!!!"

we chukled, grad our bookbags and left. Dang I hope no one notices what I am.

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