The Turn

A Boy named Marcel Has a normal life. Only that his brother is Harry Styles from one direction and he's other brother, Edwin, is an actor (He IS Harry from dark Dark) and the oldest is our sister, Gemma. But everything changes when Harry and Edward come back to Marcel's school.


2. School chp.2

Ed's pov

I got in the car and so did the boys. I know I always been the mean one but I love those boys and NOTHING is going to happen to them and I mean i- HOLY CRAP SHE'S HOT!!!

Marceal pov

Ed was driving and I saw Harry nervouse. But it wasnt like any other time. This time he's different. I wonder what happened.



YES WE'RE HERE!!!!! I cant wait ! I mean this year I'm not going to be a geeky nerd like always.

NO not letting that happen.

I was walking towards the office but then some one grabs my hand I turn around and its Sasha. She had a crush on me since 3rd grade but I dont like her at all I mean look at her.

she's not ugly but not my type.

"Hey Marcel! "

"Hello Sasha"

"How was your summer??"

"ummm good, yours?" I said while getting my schedule. 

"Good but I missed you"

I felt bad that she liked me so much and I dont like her.


"Yeah" she said blushing.

I dont know what to say.

"I missed your company but I got to go bye nice seeying you."

I speed walk towards the Math class. But then Steve comes along -_- he is the school bully and I am his nerd. v.v

"Hello smart ass, remeber me"

No Its time for me to man up

"Ye-yeah O.O"

WHAT! I paniced! sorry.

"HEY!! LET THE DORK DOWN!" said a deep voice


"What are you going to do you little pusy" steve said and smirked

Ed smirked back and walk over to him all nice and calm when all the sudden Ed pushes Steve to the lockers and kicks him in the balls. Steve fell on his knees and Ed grabs his kneck and said 

"Dont EVER touch my brother EVER again!" he let steve go and grabbed my arm and we started walking.


Ed's pov

"Ed?" said my 4 min younger dorky brother

"yeah?" I said 


We stopped walking and I looked at him.

"Even tho we never got along when we were little that doesnt mean I dont care and I'm going to be there no matter what happens."

"I love you" he said not trying to be gay.

I chuckled "I love you too man" :] 

he smiled and we started walking

"What's your first period?" 




Wait we passed that. shit.

we turned around and got him to class.

I was walkin toward my class when all the sudden I get pulled into the closet. I'm ready to beat the fck out of this asshole.




"I wont trust me. But I need your help"

"on what?"

"Getting someone off my back."



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