Loss At Heart

Harry Styles, the oldest of three kids. Being 16 he looked after the two young ones. The youngest child, Sophia Styles, is only 4 years old. The middle child; wild, curious, and courageous, who bears the name Jenny Styles. She was only 11 years old. Having parents who have an important job can be a hard thing. So secretive that they can’t tell you anything about their job or what they do. The three kids are victims of a tragic event. Some people ask,” Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people?” In a situation like this, the three connected by blood would be the good people who drew the short end of the stick.


2. Dinner Talk

The three siblings now live in a secret villa their parents had personally built in the middle of a forest. It was definitely far from their previous mansion and didn’t compare in size. Harry has a job as an engineer, fixing cars and changing oils. Even though he knew where the emergency money was in the house, he kept it for emergencies. Obviously that’s what it was for. With the money he earned he was able to put Sophia in daycare while he was in school. The high school he went to was connected to the elementary and junior high schools. It was easier for him to look out for Jenny that way. Harry was the type of guy who would never let anything happen to the ones he loved. He would still take the sisters out to enjoy themselves and everything they could ever want. It isn’t best to say he was like a father but he definitely could be one.

Harry’s POV

“Haz, when will we be able to see Mum and Dad, again?” Jenny asked as I set down her plate of food in front of her. I looked her straight in the eyes.

“You know, spunk. I can’t tell you when, I’m sorry.” It was hard to tell them the truth without lying to them when even I don’t know the answer.

“Do you think they’re…..you know, dead?” Her words stabbed me right in the heart.

I couldn’t tell her ‘Yes’. That would devastate her. “Jenny, Mum and Dad have a very special job, you know that right?” She nodded in response. I pulled a chair up next to her. “Well, their job may be very special, but it is also very dangerous. Let me tell you something. For one, all I can tell you is I don’t know the answer to your question. But we can still have faith. Mum and Dad are very strong people. So, to answer your question, I don’t think they’re dead. And as long as I think that I know that we are under the same sky. We might not be in the same place but we are definitely connected. Look out that window.” She turned her head as well as I did. “Now, it’s dark out there isn’t it? We are under the sky and so are Mum and Dad. To put it shortly, we are in the same place. Every night, seeing the same moon, and every morning we see the same sun. That’s all we need right? And one last thing…. We WILL see them once again, okay?” She nodded. “Okay, now eat your dinner, we gotta get to bed.”

I walked towards Sophia to feed her. “Hi, baby. Are you all done eating already? Wow. Come on, let’s get you to bed once your big sister gets finished with her food.” She points to something on the ground. Her soccer ball plush pillow. I chuckled to myself. She’s had a thing for soccer ever since she could hold something. She just started walking recently and she’s been kicking a soccer ball whenever she could, and she’s good at it too. She’s a natural. I picked up the pillow and handed to her and took her empty plate from her.

“Harry, I’m done.” Jenny said.

“Okay, just hand me your plate, I’ll do the dishes tomorrow morning, you guys must be tired.” I picked up Sophia and Jenny walked in front of me.

“Hazza, can I sweep in your bed today.” I chuckled at how Sophia still couldn’t say her L’s correctly.

“Of course, my little monkey.” I tickled her a bit and she giggled in response.

“What about me?” Jenny question and tugged on my shirt.

“Why not, kiddo.” We walked up to the stairs and I got them changed into their pajamas. Soon enough I tucked them into bed.

“Harry, can you sing to us again? I have better dreams when you sing to us before bed time.” Sophia asked innocently.

“Sure. What do you wanna hear today?”

“Mmmm, Lonely Lullaby (Owl City).” I laughed.

“Good choice.” I took a deep breath and tucked them in before starting the song.

“Symphony of silver tears,

Sing to me and sooth the ring in my ears,

Overcast these gloomy nights wear on,

But I'm holding fast because it's darkest just before the dawn.


I sang my princess fast asleep,

'Cause she was my dream come true,

Oh Annmarie, believe me, I loved you.


But now those lonely lullabies,

Just dampen my tired eyes,

Because I can't forget you.

Because I can't forget you.”


By now the girls were fast asleep. Looks like tomorrow would be the same day we moved in here since Mum and Dad went ‘missing’. “Sweet Dreams, girls.” I planted a kiss on each of their foreheads.


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