Loss At Heart

Harry Styles, the oldest of three kids. Being 16 he looked after the two young ones. The youngest child, Sophia Styles, is only 4 years old. The middle child; wild, curious, and courageous, who bears the name Jenny Styles. She was only 11 years old. Having parents who have an important job can be a hard thing. So secretive that they can’t tell you anything about their job or what they do. The three kids are victims of a tragic event. Some people ask,” Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people?” In a situation like this, the three connected by blood would be the good people who drew the short end of the stick.


5. Angelina

So Harry has a split personality. But will he put his reputation to the side to help one out? That’s something for him to decide. He would walk around and everybody would see him for what is said about him. Isn’t there someone who’ll hear him out and see him as another misunderstood guy? Even if there was, would he let them into his life. The circumstances are different now. People are affected by the things around them. Like the ocean, the currents swaying back and forth caused by the soothing winds whispering softs noises in your ears. It’s your fate’s design that builds up your life. Will the three siblings let something like fate drag them down?


Today, it was the same as the past year. Sophia went to daycare, Harry and Jenny went to school, and since it was a Thursday so Jenny had practice later after school. The three went their separate ways but lived the same life.

Harry walked down the sidewalk and past the football field at the corner of the high school. Ruckus came from in between the high school and the junior high building where it formed an alley. The boy just walked by as it wasn’t his business.

Just as Harry walked past a girl screamed, “Let go of me!” She yelled and turned her head towards the curly haired boy. He had his hands in his pockets and, like the other side of him, had a dark glare shining through his eyes. “HEY, HARRY!! PLEASE HELP ME!!” He didn’t want to get involved and tried to walk away from the girl with her hands pinned above her head. She was beautiful, ebony long hair, brown eyes, fit body, and didn’t wear anything revealing to her body. She really was a natural beauty.

Harry paid no attention to it and tried to walk away. That’s when one shouted, “Wow, big talk in a small town. Looks that Mr. Tough Guy everyone talks about is a little weakling.” Now that really pissed him off.

He turned in his spot and looked at the 5 guys standing in the alley. “Hmm… You guys don’t look so tough either.” One gave Harry a death glare and gritted his teeth.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Big Boy?” They smack talked him. It didn’t bother Harry at all, he was taller and definitely bigger in muscle. You could tell just by looking, there was no doubt about it.

“What I’m saying is five guys against one girl isn’t the best ‘Tough Man’ kind of look.” He tipped them off the verge of their anger. Running towards the brown curly hair boy the first guy took a swing, and with his hands still in his pocket Harry dodged it. Swing after swing and maybe a few kicks, he missed and Harry still had his hands in his pockets. The boy did more damage to himself than he did to his victim.

Two others came rushing towards the one man standing up for, not the girl, but for himself. Finally, he took his hands out of his pockets and used the opponents attacks to advantage, making them hit each other. That way, if he were to get in trouble, he could say he didn’t hit them. Even if he did, it would be self defense.

One after the other the five guys fell to the floor helpless and tired. Bruises on their arms and legs quickly appeared. “Not so tough when one man beats five little girls.” He chuckled to himself and walked away.

“Wait!” The girl yelled. He stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn his head to see her face. “Thank you.”

“Don’t get your hopes up, I did that to defend my pride and honor, not because you were in trouble. But be careful next time. And avoid shady ‘tough’ guys like them. It’s a dangerous world we live in.” Still with his back facing towards her he took a step forward.

“Let me thank you somehow please. I’ll buy you lunch or something.” She offered him. Standing there hopeful to actually mean the man behind all the rumors, she waited for his answer.

“Didn’t I just tell you stay away from shady guys. That includes me.” His temper was cold and he definitely wasn’t the same guy he is in front of his sisters.


The final school bell rung in the students’ ears as class ended. The first person out of the class was always Harry. He felt that he had no business with anyone. Besides, he doesn’t bother to remember their names anyway.

Quickly, he walked out of the school building towards the gymnasium building for Jenny’s practice. Out of nowhere some girl bumped into him. Books fumbled to the floor, all belonging to Harry. “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry.” She apologize. He said nothing in response and picked up his belongings. “Oh, thanks again for earlier.” He looked up to see who it was.

“Who are you?” He gave her the cold shoulder and a small glance.

“Angelina. I’m in your English and Science class…..” Even her name he didn’t bother to remember. Even if she was one of the prettiest girls in school. Nothing came to mind and he was still confused. “I’m the girl you saved this morning.”

That’s when he remembered. “I told you, I didn’t save you. I sa-“ Trying to finish his exact sentence from earlier, she interrupted him.

“You saved your pride and honor. I know.” She laughed and walked away. After that he felt weird. Like he had known her forever. And her smile just hit him like cupid.

“HARRY!” Jenny called out to him.

“Hey, spunk. Ready for practice?” He rested his arm on her shoulder.

“Mmhmm. Oh and this boy I like is going to be playing on the other side of the gym. Someone told me he likes me but I don’t believe it.” She spoke naturally to her big brother.

“Ohhhh, Jenny’s got a crush. Jenny’s got a crush.” He teased her. She punched his arm and stuck her tongue out. “I sure he likes you. You’re very pretty and a great kid.” He sugar coated his teasing from earlier.

“Really?” Jenny gushed out.

“Yeah. But if he ever hurts you in the future, I’ll pound his butt. You know, unless your little sister doesn’t.” They laughed together.

“Yeah, she acted pretty tough yesterday.” She said with a smile.

“That’s what siblings do. We protect each other and never let go.” With that, they got to the gym and Jenny went to the locker room to get changed.

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