How My Parents Met

Hey guys its me Darcy and I'm going to be telling you guys about how my mother Sadie met my father Harry yes Harry Styles he use to be in the boy band one direction but that was a while back but I'm going to tell you guys about there lives, from when my mother was a college student to dating a member of the biggest boy band and how my father fell in love with her So are you guys looking forward to this experience....


3. Special Night

Sadie woke up to the smell of Pancakes,Bacon, and eggs she went into the kitchen and saw that Courtney mom had mad breakfast. "look who finally woke up"Courtney said "haha what time is it" its 1:00 in the afternoon"Courtney said "oh wow" Sadie said "haha did you have a nice dream"Courtney said "shut it"Sadie said " have a date in 7 hrs we gotta go shopping"Courtney said "yeah but first i need to eat"Sadie said

So after the girls were done eating they got ready they brushed there teeth and put on clothes Sadie put on jean shorts with a pink crop top with pink converses and put her hair in a bun Courtney wore jeans with a purple shirt with black vans and flat ironed her hair, after that they headed out to the mall.

"so what do you want to do first?"Sadie asked "we should get our nails done first and then you need to get your hair done"Courtney said "I can just flat iron my hair"Sadie said "to late i already set up an appointment already"Courtney said.

So after the girls got there nails done it was 3:30, so they headed out to the salon for Sadie to get her hair done which took about 3hrs.

"aww your hair looks so cute specially with the new hair color"Courtney said "thank you but do you think this color fits me?"Sadie asked ofcourse it does"Courtney answered

Sadie got a new color in her hair it was like a really dark brown with like purple/pink tips,the girls got home around 7 o'clock Sadie had an hour to get dressed.

"so what are you going to wear?"Courtney asked "you'll just have to see when i'm done getting dressed"Sadie said "ugh fine"

Sadie wore a Purple dress that stopped above her knees with black heels and a black purse she put on light make-up with some eye-liner and lip-gloss she was done around 7:50. she got a text from Harry that said be there in ten.

"gah you look gorg!!"Courtney said "thank you,you don't think its a bit to much"Sadie said "um no you look amazing"Courtney said.

there was a knock at the door and there he was Harry Styles was in front of Courtney's door he looked amazing.

"you look beautiful"Harry said "you look great also"Sadie said "thanks are you ready to go"Harry asked "yup!"Sadie said "you two have fun"Courtney said "but not to much fun"Courtney mom said

Harry took Sadie to this very classy restaurant

"reservations for Styles"Harry said "found yah follow me"the waiter said.

"so Sadie tell about yourself?"Harry asked "well i'm a straight A student i work at Aeropastale' i love to dance and i turn 17 on June 5th now your turn tell something about you"Sadie said

" you know i'm in a boyband"Harry laughed "well i already know that"Sadie said "alright i have 1 sister her name is Gemma just turned 18 the 1st of February i love my fans and i love performing"Harry said

Sadie got so distracted by his eyes she didn't even know that Harry was done talkng and the waitress waiting for her to order her food.

"Sadie?" Harry said "huh oh yeah i'll have a Chicken Salad"Sadie said "and your drink"the waitress said "Iced Tea"Sadie said

Sadie and Harry ordered there food they talked non-stop they found out a few things about each other and then they were ready to go once they pulled up to Courtney's house Harry walked Sadie to the door.

"I had a great time"Harry said "Me to"Sadie "i hope we can do this again sometime"Harry said "So do i"Sadie said

So as soon as they were about to kiss Courtney flew the door open and told Harry "no kiss on the first date" "sorry"Harry laughed and just gave Sadie a kiss on the cheek "Bye Harry"Sadie said "see you later"Harry said


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