How My Parents Met

Hey guys its me Darcy and I'm going to be telling you guys about how my mother Sadie met my father Harry yes Harry Styles he use to be in the boy band one direction but that was a while back but I'm going to tell you guys about there lives, from when my mother was a college student to dating a member of the biggest boy band and how my father fell in love with her So are you guys looking forward to this experience....


2. Kids Choice Awards

"I can't believe that tonight is the night" Sadie said "I know and do you know who else is going to be there"Courtney said "who?"Sadie asked "Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer" Courtney said "oh but i don't think  we will see them they will either be back stage or some where in the crowd" Sadie said "yeah probably"Courtney said

So the girls got dressed and out the door, on there way there they jammed to one direction the entire way there,Courtney was driving while Sadie was still applying some of her make up,the girls arrived at the awards but it was pretty hard finding somewhere to park.

"there's like no where for us to park" Courtney said "just keep looking we'll find one eventually and if we don't we can probably park around the corner"Sadie said

Courtney finally found a parking spot and the girls headed into the show they found there seats and the show begun. Ariana Grande was there Nikki Minaj was there Taylor Swift Bella Thorne Zac Efron Sarah Hyland the cast of hunger games etc.

"OMG i can't believe one direction is about to perform next" Sadie said "I know its gonna be great"Courtney screamed "Court why are you screaming"Sadie said "i don't know i just felt the need to scream i guess"Courtney said

It was finally time for one direction to perform they were in these boxes and it like trace there body figures something like that but it was pretty cool, they performed What Makes You Beautiful and the were great Sadie and Courtney could not stop dancing and screaming Sadie favorite is Harry and Courtney favorite is Niall.

"That was so amazing "Courtney said "yeah they sound so great live"Sadie said "guess who I saw Court"Sadie said "who?" "I saw Danielle and Eleanor walking together i have know idea where they went but they looked amazing "Sadie said "lucky i don't even see them. "it's alright haha"Sadie said

The show was over and the girls were heading out while they were walking Courtney didn't notice but Sadie noticed that Courtney parked like across the street from the tour buses and not just any tour bus OneDirection tour bus.

"omigod Courtney!"Sadie said "what?"Courtney answered "you parked acroos the street from 1D tour buses" Sadie said "I did wow i didn't even noti-Omigod is that them walking out of the building"Courtney said "Omg that is them"Sadie said "we should go ask for a picture"Courtney said "i don't think that's a good idea"Sadie said

but while Sadie was talking Courtney was already across the street so Sadie ran after her While sadie was walking to Courtney the guys started walking over towards the girls.

"Hi girls"a familiar irish accent said "Hi Niall" Courtney said "hello" Harry said "Hi" Sadie said "so what are you two lovely ladies doing over here"Liam said "Oh we wanted to know if we could have a picture with you guys"Courtney said "sure why not"Liam said

So the girls took there pictures with the guys Zayn,Liam and Louis went back in while Niall and Harry stayed back for a while.

"so did you guys like the show?"Niall asked "of course you guys were in it"Courtney said "what about you love"Harry said looking at Sadie "it was amazing you guys did great" Sadie said "well i'm glad you enjoyed it"Harry said "guys it time for us to go"Louis yelled "alright"Niall yelled back "It was nice meeting you um- "Courtney" Courtney answered Niall "it was nice meeting you to Niall "It was Lovely seeing you "Sadie" Sadie answered Harry "Sadie would you like to go on a date some time"Harry asked "Sure i would love to" Sadie answered "great here is my number i call you sometime" Harry said "That would be great"Sadie said

So Harry and Niall walked back to there tour buses and Sadie and Courtney walked back to the car when they got in the car Sadie started screaming like crazy 'i can't believe Harry Styles just asked me out" she said "i know you are sooooo lucky" Courtney said once the girls got back home Sadie text Harry he text her back and they texted until 4am "I still can't believe Harry Edward Styles asked me out" Sadie said to herself then she turned the light off and went to sleep


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