Till the End

In the beginning we were opposites. Relying on each other for survival. We soon found out that we would need, have, and love each other Till the End.


4. Past

"Well..." He started but trailed off. 

"Annabelle, Ana for short." I told him. 

"Well Ana. A band is a group of people who sing as a career. I will show you mine." He said. He clicked rapidly on the keys. Soon I was listening to something. It was music. Music was banned about 14 years ago when I was 4. The song was slow and beautiful. Once the lyrics started so did Liam.

"Shut the door, Turn the light off, I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love, I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this. Even though I try. Heart beats harder, Time escapes me
Trembling hands, Touch skin. It makes this harder, And the tears stream down my face." He sang before the door burst open. Elijah was in side sending a fiery look at us. Liam stood up. They were both the same height. 

"You know that is a crime against mother and father. Treason against the crown." He spat. Liam let out a dark chuckle. 

"And you slipping away to feed on their slaves isn't? Murdering the innocent isn't? You are the reason for rebellion. The people are terrified of monsters like you, labeling everyone like you they love life too much to let it slip away so they fight back. If you think that I won't kill you know because your parents are my master you are wrong. You are a threat to them and this entire city and I won't hesitate to rip your head off." Liam spat. Elijah took heed to the warning and soon vanished. Liam sank to his knees. I got up off the bed and walked over to him. I knelt down to his level and place my hand on his shoulder. He turned his head away from me. I took my other hand and placed it on his opposite cheek turning his face towards mine. Tears had swelled up in his eyes. His bottom lip quivered and he took in a shaky breath. I pulled him close. 

"They're gone." He sobbed. "They are dead, all of them." He cried. I gently rocked him while he cried. His crying slowly subsided. 

"What happened?" I whispered. 

"We were running. Red Lung disease was infecting so many. Thirsty bloodsuckers were everywhere. I had so much adrenaline it triggered my suppressed wolf gene. I turned. I tried to buy them time but there were so many. My friends, my brothers slaughtered in front of me. I couldn't save them." He cried. 

"But you did..." A voice said from behind us. I looked back and saw a boy with a chiseled jawline, gold eyes and a black quiff. Liam looked at the boy and was shocked. 

"no... no...." He repeated. Liam rose to his feet still shocked. He walked up to the boy and placed a hand on his cheek. "Zayn?" Liam asked. The boy nodded slightly. Liam's face was full of emotions happiness, joy, hurt, betrayal and lastly anger. 


"Of blaming yourself. You always were Daddy Direction. Looking after us. We thought that they had killed you but I see that you are as human as ever, looks like you haven't aged a day." Zayn chuckled. Liam laughed. 

"I'm not though. That night I changed. I am one of the originals." Liam said. Zayn nodded. 

"Well do you want to see the boys?" He asked. Liam nodded following Zayn out of the room. I moved to sit on the bed but was pulled out of the room by Liam. "I want you to meet them." He whispered. We followed Zayn towards the dining hall. We walked in and I saw Raphael and Rebecca talking with 3 boys. The one with bleached hair caught a glimpse of Liam and soon Liam was on the ground with the boy on top of him. Liam groaned from the impact. 

"Niall jesus chirst." He laughed. The blonde boy held tightly to him. Suddenly I felt a hand on my waist. I rammed my elbow into his stomach and then slammed my other fist into his jaw. He stumbled back. By now Liam was on his feet. I ran to him and grasped onto him. Everyone laughed. 

"Haz looks like you lost your touch with the ladies." Liam laughed. The vampire shot him a look and rubbed his stomach which made him laugh even harder. 

"And I see yours have improved." One said. Liam instantly detached himself from me. Raphael was staring intently at us. I was human, and he wasn't. I was falling too quickly and no one was there to catch me. 

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