Princess and the Geek

*Sequel to The Geek*

What happened to Zella? How will Marcel react when he realizes she's gone? Will Harry help Marcel get her back? What other guy falls for her?
Will Marcel and Zella break up?


31. 31

Zella's P.O.V.



I have no idea what I'm doing. Why am I kissing him? I mean, he cheated on me! I pulled away and looked at him. He automatically knew what I was thinking about. 

"Marcel, I'm sorry," I sighed. I looked down at my lap. I felt Marcel's eyes burning through me. 

"Why are you sorry? I completely understand why you're upset. I mean, I cheated on you and then I kissed you,"

"I'm not upset. I'm just worried that you will do it again,"

"Listen, Zella, I promise if you give me one more chance, I won't do it again. Cheating on you was the stupidest thing I ever did. Please, take me back,"

"I'll give you one more chance, and that's it," I said sternly. I watched as Marcel broke into a smile. He pulled me into him and picked me up. He carried me to my house and set me down on my bed.

"I'm gonna go home, but I'll see you tomorrow okay?"


"First day of school, remember?"

"Oh yeah,"

"See you tomorrow, Zella,"

"Bye, Marcel," he smiled at me and quietly shut the door behind him. I yawned and closed my eyes. I soon fell asleep, having nice dreams for once. 






Hey guys! It's been a while! They finally updated the website again and I was able to update! I know this chapter is short, but it's something so deal with it lol. 

On November 25, my 1 Year Anniversary is happening and I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I will be adding a brand new movella. The Problem? 

I don't know which one to add!!!!!!!!! So I'm gonna let you all pick!


1. Black and White


2. Completely Different. 


MarcelLover26 (Al)


****** Will be changing name soon!!!!!! ******

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