Princess and the Geek

*Sequel to The Geek*

What happened to Zella? How will Marcel react when he realizes she's gone? Will Harry help Marcel get her back? What other guy falls for her?
Will Marcel and Zella break up?


28. 28

Zella's P.O.V.


I told Harry that I was going to head home and that I would just walk. He was okay with it, so here I am walking the cold streets of London. I saw a park nearby and I decided to walk through. I ran across the not-so-busy street and looked around, before I cracked the gate open. I walked through, and sat down on a bench, shivering. 

It's so quiet and cold. Cold. As usual. But as Marcel would say, 

"Freezing! Oh no! I'm a Popsicle!" then he would jump around all straight and stuff. 

I felt someone's presence behind me and they scared me when they put they're hands around my face, covering my eyes. 

"Come with me, no one gets hurt," 

"Damn it, Marcel! You scared the shit out of me!'' I said. He uncovered my eyes and laughed as he sat down next to me. 

"Sorry about that,"

"Why are you even here?''

"Me? No, why are you here? You're supposed be home, not at a park,"


"Here," he said. He took of his jacket and wrapped it around me. I smiled as I grabbed it. There was silence. 

"Listen, Zella, what I said earlier, about how it doesn't matter, I didn't mean it,"

"I know,"

"I really do love you, Zella," 

"I know,"

"I'm sorry,"

"For what?"

"For cheating on you with Brittany," [A/N: Is that clear enough????!!!!! LOL!]

"It's okay,"

"Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking,"

"I don't know either, but whatever it was, it was stupid," I laughed. 

"It was stupid," he said as he looked at me. He looked into my eyes and smiled. We both leaned in, until our lips touched. 

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