Princess and the Geek

*Sequel to The Geek*

What happened to Zella? How will Marcel react when he realizes she's gone? Will Harry help Marcel get her back? What other guy falls for her?
Will Marcel and Zella break up?


25. 25

Marcel's P.O.V.



*Two Weeks Later*



So it's been two weeks since Zella and I have broken up, and I don't really care anymore. I have my new girlfriend. The girl I cheated on Zella with. You want to know who she is? Well, I'm not telling. 



Zella's  P.O.V.



I was working today. God, I hate my job. I'm stupid for not getting a job sooner. Oh well, it doesn't matter. The new school year is starting here soon, and I won't be working that much. Veronica is still shocked about Marcel and I breaking up. I haven't really talked to him. 

Who gives a shit about what he's doing? I'm pretty sure that he's moved on and has another girlfriend. 

Veronica thought Marcel and I were going to get married. I don't know why she thought that, because most of the time couples don't last that long when they are young adults. They usually break up and stuff. Yeah. 

I'm perfectly fine without Marcel. I'm just worried. I'm scared that someone will come after me again. I don't have him there to protect me. What if Zayn comes after me? Or Sean? Then what would happen? 

Would I... die?








Sorry that this is short, but at least it's something! 

Do you like how I re-designed the cover? 

I published another new movella. It's called Being Louis's Sister. Go read it!

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