Princess and the Geek

*Sequel to The Geek*

What happened to Zella? How will Marcel react when he realizes she's gone? Will Harry help Marcel get her back? What other guy falls for her?
Will Marcel and Zella break up?


24. 24

Zella's P.O.V.



~Three Weeks Later~


I know this might sound strange, but Marcel and I have been growing apart. I don't exactly know why, but we are. Did I do something... wrong?

I just keep on getting this feeling as if Marcel and I are going to break up soon. Of course, I don't want that to happen, I mean, I do love him. I truly do, I just have a hard way of showing it, I guess. 

Sometimes I get this feeling where Marcel is hiding things from me. He doesn't act the same, he seems, I don't know, different? I guess you could say that. Maybe weird? Odd? Okay, he's always been weird and odd, but not like this. 

Marcel also doesn't talk to me. I mean, he talks to me, just not as much as he used to. I went back to my house with my mom, and Marcel doesn't call or text me. I'll call him every once and a while to see what he's up to, but that conversation will last five seconds and the call will end with him having to go to some Mineryfansion? I have no idea what that is, but I have a feeling he made it up.

Sometimes I think that he doesn't love me anymore. He promised me he would always protect me and stuff, but now he's not with me all the time and the farther apart we grow, the less safe I feel. I mean, I understand that he can't be with me EVERY second because we have our own lives too, but he promised he'd keep me safe and now 95% of the time he's going to a Mineryfansion!

Okay, he lied to about the Mineryfansion. I just looked it up. There is no such thing as a Mineryfansion. Why is he lying to me? I thought we always told each other the truth. 

Whatever, it doesn't matter. I need to see what he's up to. I called Marcel and he answered. 

"Hey, Zella,"

"Hey, Marcel,"

"What do you need? I'm at the Miner-"

"Save it, I know there isn't such thing as a Mineryfansion. I looked it up,"



"Are you mad?"

"I've been mad for the past three weeks!"


"You won't even talk to me for five seconds! I'll call you, and you'll hang up because you supposedly have to go to the Mineyfansion!"

"Whoa, Zella. Calm down,"

"Me? Calm down? No! I don't think so! You have been lying and keeping secrets from me for three weeks!"

"No I haven't,"

"Marcel, don't give me that shit,"

"Zella, why would you think I'm lying to you?"

"Cause I saw you the other day,"


"You were kissing another girl," I mumbled, tears threatening to fall. He just breathed into the phone. Oh? I forgot to tell you that Marcel kissed another girl? Oops, my bad...


"No, Marcel," I said, tears starting to fall, "I'm sorry but, I think we need a break,"

"No, Zella please,"

"I'm sorry," I whispered. I hung up and threw my phone on the bed. I sent a text to Veronica. 

To: Veronica

Well, I'm single.

From: Veronica


To: Veronica

Yeah, Marcel and I are over.






A/N  So???????????????? Marcel and Zella aren't together anymore! What do you guys think?????? 

Also I want to say thank you to all of you. For reading, liking, favoriting. It means a lot. 

Finally over 2000 views on The Geek! Princess and the Geek close to 1000! Yay!

And last, but not least:


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