Our Love is Forever

**Sequel to Stole My Heart**


14. Dinner With My Family

Tory’s POV

19 Weeks Later

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I only have 2 weeks until my due date so Liam has tried to be home as much as possible to help with the kids because he never wants me to do anything. Today I was going to meet Liam, who had the kids with him and the boys at work, and his parents at a restaurant for dinner. I had to be there in 20 minutes but that wasn’t going to happen because I didn’t like how I looked in anything. 40 minutes later Liam called.

“Babe, where are you? Is everything ok?”

“No.” I stated.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

 “I look horrible in everything.”

“Come on Tory, our kids are waiting for you. They want to see their Mum.”

“Fine, I’ll be there.”

“Ok, I love you beautiful.”

“I love you too Liam.”

I finally changed into this, http://www.polyvore.com/torys_outfit_to_dinner_19/set?id=128985675. When I got to the restaurant Liam, Nathan and Kendall all said I looked amazing, obviously Liam told them too. We ate dinner and like usual Karen and Geoff asked us to tell them the name.

“You really do look amazing Tory.” Karen said. “You always look so vibrant and healthy when you’re pregnant.”

“Thank you.” I said giving her a hug right before Liam helped me into the escalade.

“Mommy, why were you late?” Kendall asked as we started diving.

“I couldn’t find anything to wear sweetie.”

“But why Mummy, you’re beautiful?” Nathan asked.

I couldn’t stop crying once he said that.

“I’m sorry Mum I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He said.

“No no baby, they’re happy tears. I have the best children in the world.”

“Well we have the best Mummy and Daddy.” Kendall added.

Well you guessed it I started crying again.

“Why does Mum keep crying Daddy?” Kendall asked.

“Because she’s very pregnant and she can’t control it. She’s an emotional person.” Liam answered.

When we got home the kids played for a little while before they got ready for bed. Liam and I stayed up for a while longer having some tea and cuddling on the couch while watching a soccer match.

1 Weeks Later

“Bye girls, Nathan and I are going to play soccer with Uncle Louis and Uncle Niall.” Liam said.

“Ok, bye. Be safe please.” I called after them.

“We will, please don’t go shopping. I don’t want you carrying the bags.” Liam said giving me a kiss.

“Yeah yeah.”

“Please babe.”

“Fine.” I said giving him a kiss. “Go now.”

“Are we going shopping?” Kendall asked.

“Not right now. Let’s have some lunch and then we can sit and watch some TV, draw, cook who knows but I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry Mum.”

“Blame you’re younger brother.”

“I’m really excited for him to come.” She said

“I know me too.”

“Why’d you decide to have another baby Mum?”

“I really missed having a newborn and I knew how much you wanted a younger sibling.”

We continued to eat lunch until around 1 pm and then we decided to go shopping at Oxford Street. Liam was going to kill us but who cares? Shopping is fun but its even more fun when you go with your daughter. We went into Bershka, H&M, Miss Selfridge, Next, Nike Town, Primark, TopShop and Zara. We both got something from each store except for Nike Town; we bought Liam and Nathan some trainers. We got back to the house at 3 and as we were walking in Liam pulled in.

“Really Tory?”

“What, she’s holding most of them.”

“Well thank you Ky but I didn’t want you to have to carry any and now our daughter is carrying more than she weighs probably. Nathan help your sister please.”

“Liam, you need to relax.”

“Relax? You’re due in like a week. I will be worried about you until the baby comes.”

I just kissed him so he’d shut up already.

“Liam please stop, I get it no shopping.”

“Ok baby, but online shopping is fine.”

We went inside and Kylie was showing Nathan the shoes we got for him, he thanked both Kylie and I.

“And Daddy we got you the same pair.” I said giving him the bigger of the two boxes.

“Thank you Mummy.” Liam said giving me a kiss. “And thank you Kylie.” He said giving her a kiss on the cheek.



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