Our Love is Forever

**Sequel to Stole My Heart**


4. Celebration of a Birthday

Tory’s POV

Kendall’s Birthday

“Mummy, Daddy, Mummy, Daddy.” Kendall screamed as she jumped on us in bed.

“Yes love?” Liam said trying to clam her down.

“Today is my birthday!” She cheered. 

“Yes baby it is.” I said.

“Kendall let’s let Mum and Dad get ready.” Nathan said taking Kendall into the living room of the hotel suite.

“Thank you Nathan, good morning handsome.” I said as he was closing the door.

When we got home last night we fell asleep immediately after saying goodnight to Kendall and Nathan even though they were already asleep. It was already ten and Kendall’s party was at eleven thirty.

“Can you believe it’s been six years since we had Kendall?” Liam said as he pulled me closer so we could cuddle some more.

“Not at all. Oh my god.” I started tearing up.

“Babe, your so cute.” He said as he wiped my tears away then kissed me. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We got out of bed and washed up then changed. I changed into this, http://www.polyvore.com/torys_outfit_for_kendalls_party/set?id=100296260. Liam and I walked into the kitchen to find Nathan cleaning up the breakfast he had prepared for Kendall. He made them toaster waffles, blueberries and juice.

“I would have made you two breakfast but we’re about to have a huge lunch and cake.” Nathan said which made Liam and I crack up.

“Thank you baby.” I said giving him a hug and kiss.

“So I see I leave my family in great hands when I go out on tour because they have another man of the house.” Liam said giving him a hug.

“He’s a mini you.” I said proudly.

“You should get going.” I said to Liam.

“Why?” Liam pouted.

“Kendall wants her outfit to be a surprise.”

“Ok, bye babe.” Liam said giving me a kiss. “Bye Kendall, I’ll see you downstairs. Nathan we’re going.”

“No, Liam.” I yelled since I was getting Kendall’s outfit.


“Nathan isn’t wearing that. I have an outfit for him.”

Liam’s POV

“Sorry buddy.” I said to Nathan.

“I’ll see you all downstairs. Babe please try not to be late.”

“I won’t.”

“Mhm, okay.” I said ‘as I walked out of the room.

“Where’s the family?” Niall said as he and Harry got into the elevator.

“Getting ready.”

“You couldn’t stay?” Harry asked.

“Nope, Kendall wants her outfit to be a surprise.”

“What about Nathan? Does Tory not trust you?” Niall joked.

“No she trusts me mate but he needs to wear a different outfit.”

“That’s what you get for marrying my sister.” Louis said.

“You should have just taken him.” Harry said.

“Oh I know but I would never hear the end of it.”

We all met up with Zayn who was already in the room we were having Kendall’s party in. Eleanor came down at eleven twenty wearing this, http://www.polyvore.com/eleanors_outfit_to_kendalls_party/set?id=100296883.

“Where are Tory, Nathan and the birthday girl?” Eleanor asked.

“Getting ready, they should be ready soon but I really don’t know. Tory won’t answer my texts or calls.”

At eleven thirty exactly Tory, Nathan and Kendall came in. I was extremely surprised that they were on time.

Tory’s POV

Kendall was wearing this, http://www.polyvore.com/kendalls_outfit_for_her_birthday/set?id=100298141. Nathan’s outfit was, http://www.polyvore.com/nathans_outfit_for_kendalls_party/set?id=100298400. Everyone cheered ‘happy birthday’ for Kendall as we walked in, she had the biggest smile on her face. Liam’s parents flew out so they could be here for her sixth birthday. We let Kendall and Nathan go around and say hi to everyone while we stood together as proud parents. Through out the time we were standing there everyone came and said hello to us.

“Hello Tory.” Geoff said giving me a hug.

“Hi.” I said giving him and then Karen a hug.

“How’s my son treating you?” Geoff asked after Karen left to go say hi to Nathan and Kendall.

“Great, nothing’s changed.” I replied as Liam put his arm around my waist.

“You two did an amazing job with raising my grandchildren and I couldn’t be happier.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

“Agreed.” Karen said.

“Thank you.” Liam and I said.

“Oh Tory, question.” Liam said.


“What are they wearing?”

“Are you really going to question how Tory dressed your children?” Geoff asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“What is that dress Kendall is wearing.”

“Ask her, she picked it out.”

“But why would you buy it for her?”

“If she heard you she’d be crying by now.”


“In the store she was jumping up and down saying that you’d think she was a princess in this dress.”

“What about Nathan.”

“First of all you got him those shorts.” I retaliated, “and the shirt is so stylish. While the shoes tie the outfit together. I’d like to see you do better.”


“Wrong answer Liam.” Geoff said.

“Tell her you love the dress.”

“Mummy can we have cake now?” Kendall said running up to me and tugging lightly on my dress.

“Of course baby.” I said taking her hand in mine. “Everyone we are going to have cake now at the request of the birthday girl.”

Everyone gathered around the cake, Kendall, Nathan, Liam and I. Everyone sang happy birthday then we cut the cake and gave a piece to everyone.

“Kendall come here please.” Liam called after she finished her cake and was about to go play with his parents. “I love your dress, you look like beautiful.”

“As beautiful as Mummy?”

“As beautiful as Mummy. Now go play with Grandma and Granddad”

“Thank you.” I said giving him a kiss.

“Aww.” Paul said as he came up to us.

“Hi Paul.” I said giving him a hug then Liam put his arm around my waist again.

“I love seeing you two together with your kids. I’m glad I’ve been here through the many years of your relationship.”

“Thank you mate.” Liam said.


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