Our Love is Forever

**Sequel to Stole My Heart**


2. Boating as a Family Then a Date

Liam’s POV

“Good morning Daddy.” Kendall said giving me a hug as I sat up in bed.

“Good morning baby.” I said hugging her back tightly.

“I’m happy I get to be with you on my birthday.”

“Aw Ken me too, I can’t wait.” I said carrying her out of the room into the kitchen where Tory and Nathan were.

“Hey Dad.” Nathan said.

“Good morning Nathan, how is my big man?” I asked as I put Kendall in her chair.

“Great.” He answered as I messed up his hair with my hand.

“Good morning babe.” I said giving Tory a kiss.

“Morning, I have breakfast in the oven. It will be ready in two minutes.”

“Thank you, isn’t Mum just the best?”

“Yes.” Kendall and Nathan answered.

Tory’s POV

I was wearing this, http://www.polyvore.com/torys_outfit_on_boat/set?id=92743128.

“Babe, Zayn came by earlier. He said that a boat was rented so you, Kendall, Nathan, Zayn, Harry, Niall and I are going. I am all packed for the two of them and I, do you want me to bring you anything?” I asked as we brought our dishes to the sink.

“Just a snack or two please. Where are Eleanor and Louis going?”

“Got it and they are going maternity clothing shopping. Nathan would you like to help me get Dad’s snacks ready?” I asked as he brought his plate over.


“I will go get ready, Kendall would you like to pick Daddy’s clothes out?” Liam asked to which Kendall agreed and hopped on Liam’s back.

If you couldn’t tell Nathan is a Mummy’s boy and Kendall is a Daddy’s girl. We spent the day on the boat; there were paparazzi all around that were taking advantage of the opportunity to take ‘family time’ shots. At five we headed back to the hotel so we could all shower and then get everything ready for Nathan and Kendall so it would be as easy as possible for Louis and Eleanor. I had cooked them dinner while Liam bathed them. After he had showered, I did. I then changed into this for our date, http://www.polyvore.com/date_with_liam_in_miami/set?id=92741295. At seven Louis and Eleanor had arrived and I explained to them the kids’ schedules. 

“Got it, have fun.” Louis said.

“Keep it PG please.” I said as I gave Louis a hug since Eleanor had gone off to play with Kendall.

“We’ll try.” He joked.

“No, you will.” I said seriously.

“Don’t worry Tor.” Louis said.

“Bye Kendall.” Liam and I called.

“Bye Mummy and Daddy.” She called back.

“See you later Nathan.” I said giving him a hug.

“By little man, be good and keep uncle Lou busy.” Liam said.

“Thank you Louis.” I said as Liam and I left the room.

“It feels so good to be going on a date with you, I’ve missed you so much.” Liam said as we got into the elevator.

“I know; I’ve missed you too.”

“I love you Tory.”

“I love you too.” Liam and I went to this fancy restaurant that was only twenty minutes away from the hotel. After we walked around but instead of taking a cab we walked back to the hotel. It felt amazing to be holding Liam’s hand, going out to dinner with him and being able to be with him while he performs for all of the fans.


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