Our Love is Forever

**Sequel to Stole My Heart**


11. Anniversary Part 1

Tory’s POV

Our Anniversary

Today is Liam and my anniversary and I can’t believe it. We don’t want anything too big, just family (which obviously includes the boys and the people they work with). I was wearing this, http://www.polyvore.com/liams_birthday_morning_afternoon/set?id=128740357, I didn’t feel like changing out of my pajamas. Nathan, Kendall and I let him sleep in late so we could make him lunch. Since it’s already 1:30 pm the three of us brought it up for him and woke him up in bed.

“Good afternoon daddy.” Kendall said giving him a hug as he sat up in bed.

“Hi sweetie.”

“Happy anniversary.” Kendall and Nathan said.

“Thank you.” He said.

“Here you go babe, happy anniversary.” I said putting his lunch on his lap and giving him a kiss. 

“I can’t believe it’s been 12 years.” He said as he started to eat.

“I know.”

“You’ve known each other for that long?” Nathan asked.

“No we’ve known each other for longer but we’ve been a couple for that long.” Liam answered.

“Yeah, wow. So babe we have to be at the restaurant at seven thirty and everyone is meeting us there.”

“Sounds great.”

“We’re gonna go play downstairs.” Nathan said taking Kendall.

“Have fun.” Liam said. “Even our son knows the present I’m getting from you requires privacy.”

“Shut up.” I said right before he started to kiss me.

Liam’s POV

Snaking my hand past her hips and shorts after things started to heat up, I dropped my fingertips to her recently waxed thighs, tracing light patterns upon her skin. Tory inhaled deeply; her entire body stretching slightly before resuming to its original position. I smiled to myself, grazing my thumb further up her thigh as I passed the flimsy material, continuing up to her inner thigh. Bowing my head towards her neck, I let my hot breath wash over her skin, before pressing my lips gently to the area just behind her ear; rolling my thumb lightly across her clit as I did. Bringing my lips from her skin, I averted my gaze to her face; her features contorting slightly as I applied a greater pressure between her legs. A slight moan escaped her lips as she exhaled deeply; her aroused body quickly coming to.

“I thought this was your anniversary present from me.” Tory said.

“It is.” I replied.

“Then why am I the one being pleasured?”

“Because I get pleasure from pleasuring you and don’t worry my time will come.”

Swinging my leg over her waist, I began kissing her more passionately; our tongues entwining as her hands ran up the backs of my thighs. She smiled into my lips as I began moving my thumb against her clit again; hips twitching instinctively. Bringing my lips from hers, I travelled down her neck, paying careful attention to her favourite spots on the way down. She sank back into the pillow as I worked my way across her collarbones; my fingers pushing the material of her tank top up her ribs as I revealed her breasts, quickly flicking my hot tongue across her nipples. Her back arched towards my mouth; a light hiss escaping her lips as she rested one of her hands in my hair, massaging my scalp lightly. 
Sliding my tongue between my lips, I dragged it down her stomach, placing damp kisses across her hip bones as I slid her shorts down her thighs. I pushed her legs apart slowly, my erection growing as I admired her. Her breathing was becoming increasingly heavy as my hot breath washed between her legs; my lips quickly finding her worked up skin as I teased her inner thighs. She bit down on her lip as I looked up at her, before running my tongue along the length of her centre; my nose brushing her clit. Everything about her was delicious- her smell, her taste. She let out a light moan as I repeated my motions, this time reaching her clit with my tongue and focusing my attention there. She whimpered quietly as rolled my hips further towards her; her fingers digging into my arm and heels into the small of my back as I filled her completely. A rush of adrenaline shot through me at the familiar incredible sensation of her around me; as we became as close as two people could possibly be. 

“Okay?” I whispered, grazing my nose on hers as she nodded.

I withdrew almost completely before thrusting in with slightly more force and conviction; her lips parting as she gasped for air; my arms trembling as I held myself above her. Her eyes were fixed between us as she watched my movements intently. My hips moving painfully slowly and my thighs flexing as I penetrated her deeply. 
I kept her gaze as I picked up my pace, light moans escaping her lips on every inward thrust.

“Faster” she urged breathlessly, digging her heels into the back of my thighs as she tugged at my lower lip with her teeth.

Not needing to be told twice, I moved my hips harder and faster than before. Her hands gripping on tightly to the rails behind as she attempted to still her body between mine and the mattress below. 

“Fuck” she hissed; her head tilting backwards as she began to tighten around me. 
 “Liam, I’m close…”

“Yeah?” I smirked, panting, crashing my hips down harder onto hers than before; sweat dripping from my brow and chest, as our bodies remained hot and close.

“Yes, ugh” she moaned, her back snapping up towards me as she bit down on her lip to stop herself from screaming out; her eyes shut tightly as my crotch rubbed relentlessly against her clit with each thrust. Pushing her knee to her chest, I deepened my angle, knowing that this would be all she needed. 

“Come on baby” I groaned deeply, smirking down at her. “Almost there.”

Reaching between her legs, I rolled my thumb over her clit; her body reaching its ecstasy within seconds as she moaned my name repeatedly quietly. I could feel the veins pulsing in my neck as my heartbeat drummed against my chest and toes began to curl. Her tense, trembling body quickly sent me to the edge; my whole body shaking as I let go and a completely indescribable ecstasy surged throughout me. My thrusts eventually became slow and relaxed as we both reveled in the after-effects of our orgasms, breathless sighs and soft laughter filling the room. She reciprocated my grin; our bodies still connected, both gasping desperately for air.

“I love you Liam Payne even though we’re getting old.” She said softly; my lips meeting hers as I withdrew from her.

“I love you too Tory Payne. We might be getting old but we have two amazing kids and one on the way so who cares. You'll always be young and beautiful to me." I smiled, grazing my thumb along her cheek before kissing her damp forehead. 
“Now let’s get some clothes on, our kids are down stairs, let’s hope they didn’t hear anything.” I laughed, nudging her in the ribs as I tickled her out of the bed. I just put on sweatpants and she threw on a pair of yoga pants and a crop tank top.

“We need a round two if you’re wearing that.” I whispered in her ear and then nibbled under her ear.

“Liam Payne when did you get so naughty. What happened to Daddy Direction?”

“He’s just a daddy who loves his wife, especially in private with no clothes on.”

“EW!” We heard.

We quickly looked down and Kendall was standing there. Tory quickly buried her head in my shoulder.

“I was just kidding sweet heart, don’t worry.”

“Whatever.” She said sort of disgusted and walked away.

“Oh god.” Tory said still hiding her face in my shoulder.

“Babe we’re fine.” I said as I lifted her face to see her completely pink.


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