taken care of

when destiny savannah kaning is thrown out by her mother at nine years old, she finds a guardian to take care of her, a famous singer, when she falls in love with him later on will he love her back...


3. ronny

austins POV

after savannah beat me in a burping contest i felt ashamed, then the doorbell rings, i run to get it

"hey Ronny" i say, we hug

"hey austin, i haven't seen you in forever" he says and walks in, savannah hid under the table with her coffee, i laughed slightly

"who's that" ronny sees what im looking at, savannah moves back

"savannah, come on out, its ok" i say and walk over to her, i hold out a hand, she takes it and i help her out and up, she takes another sip of coffee

"savannah is a beautiful name, that's my new girlfriends name" ronny says, savannah blushes slightly

"so what are you doing here so early" i ask him

"my parents kicked me out cause i brought my girlfriend home and we did some things, my dad hit me hard though, my back is still red" he says, savannah looks down she sits and continues to eat, looking a little sad

"hey, ronny, be careful what you say about your parents, she was just badly hurt by hers, i found her almost frozen up in Washington a few days ago" i whisper in his ear

"how old is she" he whispers back

"ten, she has had a tough few days, she has had constant nightmares, she cant stand to be alone at night sometimes, she is sensitive right now" he nods and runs up to my room, i sit down with savannah

"hey, you ok" i ask, she nods and swirls her finger in the yogurt

"you sure" i put  a hand on her shoulder

"yeah, just thinking about my brother, he died before i was kicked out, i was treated worse after he died, he was hit by a car saving me, my parents blamed me for it" ronny quietly comes up behind me, "he cared for me, he was the only one who cared for me, then he died because of me, i went in the street, i should have been hit by that car, i should be buried in the ground, dead" she says

"hey, don't talk like that, you are perfect the way you are and your brother protected you, its not your fault, he made the choice to save you for his own, he loved you, and that's all there is to it" ronny says behind me, he can put things into words like n one else can

"but" she starts but he puts a finger to her mouth

"don't let those things get to you, you are well taken care of here, you are loved, and your brother would want it that way" she nods and continues to eat, in order to lighten the mood ronny started a conversation

"is that coffee, austin, you gave her coffee at this age" he says it more dramatically than needed, savannah laughs

"yeah, she wanted to try some, so i gave some to her, it might keep her awake while she plays her cello" i say and ronny narrows his eyes

"so you play a cello" he says interested, he really wasn't much, but he used to play one so he thought it was cool

"yeah, im not that good though" she says and my mouth drops so far i think its going to fall off

"are you kidding me, you are amazing, i have heard you, your better than some people my age" she blushes and ronny tickles her, she laughs hard, i love her laugh, its so child like, so alive and joyous

"stop" she says, ronny stops

"play for us" ronny says, she laughs, i pick her up and run to her practicing room, ronny follows, she sets up, she had already printed a song off of the internet, secrets i think, that was the song she hummed the first time i met her, she starts, its beautiful, ronny dances to it while sitting, savannah laughs watching him, she had memorized it so its second nature to her

"bravo, just, just bravo" ronny says and claps loudly, he sniffles and pretends to wipe a tear away, i laugh and lye on my back on the floor, savannah played another song, its simple, i think its the can can, im not sure, but its awesome, she starts out slow, then gets so fast i can barely hum along with it, then she sings a song by imagine dragons, bleeding out i think, its a good song

"you have a beautiful voice" ronny says

"you do savannah, don't think that you don't" i say still lying on the floor

"get up and look at her when youre talking to her" i look at her, then to him, then back at the ceiling, he karate chops me in the place where sun don't shine, i sit up holding myself in pain, savannah laughs hard

"you bi" i start, "pain" i say and roll over on my side, she laughs, ronny does too, he is good for her

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