taken care of

when destiny savannah kaning is thrown out by her mother at nine years old, she finds a guardian to take care of her, a famous singer, when she falls in love with him later on will he love her back...


4. new friends

savannahs POV

when ronny leaves early that afternoon to pack to move in here, i put my cello away and go outside to the beach, i had out my swimsuit on under my clothes, i take them off and hide them behind some rocks and go to the water, i walked far down the beach so austin wouldn't see me, i am currently standing on a rock, getting ready to jump in when a shark jumps out at me, i fall backwards and hit my head, luckily i wasn't bit, but my head really hurts

"ouch" i say and sit up in the shallow part of the water, my head is bleeding, and it stings, i run out of the water and down the beach to where my clothes are, i dried off good enough to run up to my room on the way back, i quickly put my clothes on and run to the house,  i start up the stairs when austin calls me

"yeah" i respond

"come here, i need your help with something" he says, i run to his room, he is on his bed with two pictures

"i have two options of girls to meet soon, which one would you choose" he shows me the pictures, the one on the right has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and is really skinny, and the one on the left is a girl with short black hair, green eyes, and wearing all black, but she looks like i feel, she has a nice smile, she is kinda skinny, and her makeup is beautiful

"her" i point to the one on the left

"ok, thanks" he says, i turn to walk out

"whats that" austin says, getting up, i get nervous

"that, in your hair" he says, i turn to him

"its nothing" i say, he turns me and feels my hair, i flinch when he touches the spot where i hit my head

"what happened" he says, i turn and he is inspecting the blood on his fingers from my hair

"ok, i went out on the beach, i walked to the rocks, i was about to ump in when a shark jumped out at me, i  fell back and hit my head, im fine" i say, his eyes fill with worry

"why didn't you tell me" his voice raises

"i was afraid you would say no, and i really wanted to go swimming" i say quietly

"but you need to tell me when you leave the house, what if something happened to you" he yells

"i don't know" i almost whisper

"you need to know, i wont let you go out if you don't tell me, i could have gone looking for you, and if you weren't in the house, i would think you got kidnapped" he slaps me across the face hard ,his voice is almost to a scream, i start crying, he is acting like my parents the last time i saw them

"savannah" he says quietly, realizing what he did

"leave me alone" i scream and run out of the room and to mine on the other side of the house, i grab a small bag of clothes and run out of the house, towards the city, i had brought about three hundred dollars with me for food and water, i go to a quick trip and buy a few snacks, then head on my way again

"savannah" i hear austins voice yell, i turn to see him in a car, looking around, i hide behind a big box, they drive by, i wait until i know they are completely gone, his eyes were stained with tears, i feel bad now, but he hit me, and he promised he would never hurt me, but he did, i drag the big box down the ally i was in, i well secure it, i threw it over a high wall, and slid through a small space between the wall and building next to me, i fix it in a well hidden corner, it is big enough for me to stand in, and lye down in, i leave my bag here, and go to the store and buy a blanket and survival gear

"you going hunting miss" the cashier asks when i check out

"no, its for my pa, he wanted me to come in because of his condition, he has a bad flu ma'am, he didn't want to get anyone sick" i say, she nods

"have a good day" she says

"thank you, you too" i say back and walk away, i hide in a group of people when austin drives by again, half hanging out the window, ronny driving, i cross the street with the rest of the people and run into my alley, i get in my box and set up my stuff, i got a pillow too, i wish i still had my cello, i could be a street performer and get money, then it hits me, i saw a music store just a couple minutes away, i grab my money and run to the music store, pick out my cello and tuner, and run back to my place

i don't set it up now, but i do play around with my new tuner, i play with it until dark, then close the ox up, with my cello inside, and go to sleep, cuddled with my blanket

austins pov

 i searched for hours looking for savannah, but i couldn't find her, i was crying the rest of the way home, i take her cello out of her room and bring it to mine, i put it next to my bed and cry, ronny knocks at the door

"come in" i sniffle, wiping away my tears, ronny sits next to me on the bed, he hugs me

"im sorry austin, maybe she will come back" he says and looks me in the eyes, his green eyes almost blue

"no she wont, she is gone, dead for all i know, she will be gone forever, and its my fault" i say and start crying like crazy

"don't say that, she is a tough girl, she is alive, she will find her way back" he says, and for a moment i believe him, until i remember all of the kidnappers and rapists in this town, but i don't say anything, "im going to be downstairs, join me when your ready" he says and gets up, he walks out of he room and closes the door behind him

savannahs POV

i wake up to the sound of footsteps outside my box, i pull out the knife i bought earlier, i get it ready, in my hand, i quietly sit up, stand up, and prepare for the box doors to be opened, but they aren't, i feel heat, like someone is starting a fire, i look out of a crack in the box and see three teenagers outside my box with a small fire going, one has a guitar, one has a violin, and the other nothing, one of them loos at me, then to the fire, does he see me, they all look really strong, but they are skinny, they all have brown hair, the one who looked at me has blue eyes, i cant see the others eyes, the one who looked at me holds the guitar, his face strong, but red from crying

"what do we play tonight " one asks

"Jake shut up, we should take a break tonight" the one directly in front of me says

"why, i want to play my violin, and get a cello soon" the one holding the violin on my left says

"then what do we play" the boy holding nothing says

"you sing, its our decision, not yours" the one with the guitar says, the boy shrinks down against the wall

"how about secrets, we haven't played that in a while" the one i assume is jake says

"yeah, get ready to sing mason" the one with the guitar says

"alright" mason says, jake starts with the cello part, but it doesn't sound right, but i listen through the whole song, the boy is a good singer, then they all look at the  box, at me, did i hum, did they hear me

"what is in there" mason asks, his hazel eyes looking in mine

"i don't know, lets find out" jake says and walks over, i scoot to the other end of the box, the doors fly open and they all stare at me

"why are you in there" mason says, i hold my knife

"i ran away, i found the box earlier today" i say, mason kneels down right outside the box

"can you come out so we can see you better" he says nicely, he holds out his hand, i take it, still holding my knife, i step out into the light of the fire

"what all do you have with you" the one with the guitar says

"snacks, the knife, a blanket, pillow, clothes, and a cello" i say, jakes eyes light up when i say cello

"where did you get a cello" mason asks

"down the street, i can play secrets, i memorized it a month ago" i say

"will you play it with us" mason says, i nod and get my cello, i get it ready and i start us off, mason starts singing, jake plays the violin, and the other guy plays guitar with it, people from the hotel open their windows and listen to us, they throw money, i let the three of them split it because i have like a hundred left, in all they have forty dollars each, and we pack up

"so where are you guys going tomorrow" i ask when i get my cello put away and sit with them at the fire

"w don't know yet, we don't have a home like yours, but there is a hotel nearby, we could do a street performance and get more money" one says

"that is what i was thinking, we could share the money" i say, they nod

"so whats your name" mason asks

"savannah, if you want you can call me destiny" i say

"which one is your first name" jake asks

"destiny, but people like savannah better" i say

"i like destiny" mason says

"me too" jake says

"me three" the other one says

"well im mason" mason says

"jake" jake says

"and im austin" the other one says

"nice to meet you, so you don't mind if i stay with you guys" i make clear

"not at all, we could use more company" mason says, he looks the youngest, maybe thirteen, the other two look sixteen seventeen, i lye in my box and go to sleep, they lean on the wall and sleep, i think of my new friends

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