taken care of

when destiny savannah kaning is thrown out by her mother at nine years old, she finds a guardian to take care of her, a famous singer, when she falls in love with him later on will he love her back...


1. alone

"get out of my house you monster" my mother screams at me, she slaps me across the face, i had accidently broke her favorite glass sculpture she bought before i was born

"but mother, i cant"

"don't talk to me that way" she slapped me across the face again, a lot harder this time, "do as youre told and get out of my house" i run upstairs to get my personal belongings, like a pillow, a blanket, a[my teddy bear, and a charm bracelet i had gotten from my friend last year before she moved away, i stuff them in a back pack and run back downstairs, my mother kicks me in the back so i go flying out the door, i fall on my face, i had forgotten a jacket and it is starting to snow, i walk down the sidewalk, shivering, i take out the blanket and wrap it around myself, i walk until the sun rises, then i collapse from the cold, i sit there and cry, the snow builds up in my hair, i shake it out every once in a while

after a while of crying a car goes by, it doesn't stop, it doesn't even slow down, many more cars do that, until a black van stops on the side of the road, i back away, not know what to expect, then, a boy steps out, about thirteen ears old

"are you ok" he asks, his hazel eyes meeting my blue eyes, he walks over to me

"yeah" i say, he looks at me unconvincingly

"come with me, i can help you" he says and holds out a hand, i take it, his hand is so warm on mine, he pulls me to my feet and wraps his arms around me to keep me warm, he urges me to the van, i can feel the warmth from inside it, i get in and sit in the back, he sits next to me and doesn't buckle up, i don't either, i pull the blanket around me, the boy puts his hand on my cheek, its so warm

"so where do you live" he asks me

"i don't remember, i walked all night" i say and look at him, his brown hair in a cap facing backwards

"whats your name" he asks, he  moves his hand to my shoulder

"destiny, but people call me savannah, its my middle name" i say

"both of those are beautiful" he says and smiles, i look out the window without responding

"is everything alright" he asks and scoots over so he is right next to me

"yeah, just thinking" i say, watching a bird fly, for some reason i think nature is captivating when im sad, it has never occurred to me how much i would love to have a country house til now

"about what" he says

"nature, the wonderfulness of it all" i say, his hand is on my leg now, my skinny leg, im like eighty pounds, im underweight, i always have been

"i think about that sometimes too, how did you get out here all alone" he asks

" my mom over reacted when i broke something expensive when i fell, and she kicked me out, literally" i flinch when he touches my lower back

"sorry" he says, i nod, i start humming a song, im not sure what the name is, but i like it, its by one republic, i know that, the cello part in it is just beautiful, i started playing cello last year, but left it at home

"hey, whats your name" i ask, realizing i never got his name

"Austin" he says

"Austin, do you have a cello at your house" i ask, he shakes his head

"no, but i can get you one if you want" he says

"really" i say getting excited

"yeah, i have the money" he says, i hug him tight, saying thank you over and over again

"your welcome, hey ben, where is the closest music store" Austin yells up to the driver

"a mile from here" he says

"go to it" Austin says, in about two minutes we pull up to a Milano's music store, i get a have size cello, and a tuner, i get a book too, i can print off sheet music when im ready for it, it takes another ten to twenty minutes to get back to his hotel, so i read my book until we get there

"you can go in there" Austin motions to a room with nothing in it, i go in there, Austin brings me a chair, he leaves and i set up, we also bought a stand, i get that set up and put my book on it, i start where i left off in the middle, i finish the book in three days, then Austin said we would be moving across country, so i pack my cello and stuff, i don't have that many clothes, but that's not a problem, Austin said we would get more when we went to California, when we got on the plane i fell asleep on his shoulder, his arm around me, his warmth comforting me, he started humming my song, so i fell asleep quicker than i would have without it

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