The better Niall gets to know Avery, the closer he gets to her dirty secret that only her, her mom, and best friend Cacia know about, so far..


1. Meeting

Avery's P.O.V.


     Arriving at the dumb mini family reunion I have been drug to year after year, I saw Niall, from One Direction arrive and take a seat. I can't believe this is happening. I look like this? My ratty hair,well, half of it,the other half has been pulled out by myself,my old wrinkled dress, and some random heels that don't match? My one chance to maybe meet Niall James Horan, and I can't because I look like shit.. Great. 

   "Honey, why are you just standing there?" I heard my mom ask, while she was snapping her fingers I front of my face.

    "God mom I'm fine, I was just thinking,ever do that?" I snapped back, waiting to get in trouble.

    "Now Avery don't get an attitude just because, I'm dragging you to this."

   "Fine" I ignorantly said. We walked in and saw our table with my family sitting at it, two tables away from Niall,Louis, and Harry.Great.


   Niall's P.O.V.


     When I first saw her, it was magical. She is so...... Beautiful. I need to talk to her.

    I suddenly realized I was staring when Louis and Harry, were tapping my shoulder, Harry telling me to wake up, an Louis singing lightly, Niall has a crusshhhh,Niall has a crusshhhh!

   "Shut up mates!" I snapped.

   "God Niall,on edge?" Said Louis with a smirk.

   "No Louis, I want to talk to her"

   "When she gets up to leave, tap her on the shoulder, and turn the charm on"Louis said, trying to give advice.

   "I'll try" I said sarcastically. So I waited and waited until we finished eating. And got up and was on my way to tap her.


  Avery's P.O.V.


  I was hugging me family, saying all my goodbyes, when I get a tap on the shoulder. I turn around fast,a little too fast on a slippery floor, loosing my balance and spilling my drink all over whoever it was.

   "OH MY GOD! I'm so freaking sorry!" I said looking at their shirt, then up to their face, into their pool of blue eyes. I just spilled root beer on Niall James Horan.

   "No worries love, in return, may I have your name and number?" I heard him ask.

   Blushing, I said jokingly "You're not sending me your dry cleaning bill are you?"

   "No ma'am I'm not, I just thought we might could hang out" he laughed.    "Well, here" I said handing him my name and number on a napkin I had written on, when our hands brushed against each other.


  Niall's P.O.V.


  When our hands touched, I swear I saw sparks fly.

     "And may I have yours?" I heard her ask. I knew she knew who I was because, when I was walking I saw our single Best Song Ever show on her lock screen.

     I bent down, grabbed a napkin and pen off a nearby table, wrote my name and number, and handed it to her.

   "Sure,Avery"I said smirking"here, you, go."handing it to her our hands touched again, and even more sparks fly, I can only imagine how it will be when I finally kiss her. My thoughts were interupted by Avery talking.

   "Well, Niall, I guess I'll text or call you later or vise versa. Bye!" She said waving, spinning around making her dress poof and look even more gorgeous.


    Avery's P.O.V.


  As we were walking to the car which was parked pretty far away, I ran to catch up with my mom to tell her what just happened.

   "Mom you'll never believe what just happened to me"

   "Try me" She said in a sassy tone.

   "Niall,from One Direction, just asked me for my phone number!"

   "No way!" She said, sounding like a teenage girl.

   "Yes" I said giggling.

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