The better Niall gets to know Avery, the closer he gets to her dirty secret that only her, her mom, and best friend Cacia know about, so far..


3. Invintation

Niall's P.O.V.


    To: Avery


    Hey? Really Niall? Hey. A sudden vibration interrupted my thoughts.


    From: Avery

    Hey, this is Niall right?     -

    To: Avery   Yeah, sorry(:   -

    From: Avery   It's fine;)   -

     She just sent me a winky face. -


  To: Avery   Hey, have you eaten? My mates are getting food and I can tell them to get you something, and we can hang out, if you want to?   -

  From: Avery   Oh my god that would be great! Wanna pick me up or have me drive over?   -

  To: Avery

    Ill pick you up if you want. Text me when your ready, oh and your address.    -

   So when she was ready she texted me her address and I texted Liam and Zayn to pick up some food for her too.


  Avery's P.O.V.


  I'm hanging out with niallllll! I'm so excited! God, moms not home to help me with my hair, that I pull out. So I have to put it in a perfectly placed messy bun so every hair lays just right.    I put on a green,pink, and purple floral print maxi top, with a open back in the shape of a heart. Bright pink shorts, and pink sandals with gold studs, and a gold infinite necklace.

   I looked decent, not too good, not too great. Not good enough for my first time meeting one direction though.

   Then I head a knock on my door. NIALL! I run down the stairs with my phone and wallet to pay the boys back for my lunch.

   "Hi, well you look gorgeous!" Said Niall.

   I rolled my eyes."Thanks, you look handsome!" I laughed,he looked more this handsome, he looked hot.

   "Let's go. I'm hungry!" Said Niall, laughing.

     "Ok" I said walking to his car, as he opens the door for me to get in."Well thank you sir."    "You're welcome miss." He said smiling. His smile is gorgeous.

   As we drove to where we were going, he turned on the radio,and the song I Want Crazy came on and I started to sing along.

   "I love your voice" said Niall.

   "Don't lie Niall" I laughed.

   "I'm not, have ever taken singing lessons?" He asked.

   "From my hairbrush and shower head." I joked.

     "Haha,very funny" he said looking at me at a stop light.

     I turned away from his stare, and noticed the light was green.    "Niall go, it's green" I said.

   "Oh shit,thanks" he said.

   "No problem" I said. Then he started singing What Makes You beautiful.

   "You turn away when I look into your eyes,every one else in the room can see it,everyone else but you." He sung. When he stopped singing I realized we were where we were going.

   "THEY'RE HOME , NO WAITING FOR FOOD!"he yelled. We walked into the house when I noticed Harry,Zayn,and Liam, staring at me while Louis was eating.

   "Guys,this is Avery, we met at the resteraunt, after she spilled her root beer on me, and I thought we should hang out"

   "HI AVERY!" Louis yelled "He was staring at you last night" he said smirking

   "Oh really" I laughed looking at Niall blushing.

   "Maybe,here I'll show you my room." We walked through the big house and to his room."I'll go get the food" he said smiling.

     As soon as he shut the door, I touched my hair with my hand, and started pulling. I don't know why I do this to myself, it's just a sensation. I don't like having to fix my hair everyday just to maybe have someone not ask me about it. It sucks. I just can't stop. It's an addiction, a habit, something hard to break.

   I have to rush to put my hand down and not look suspicious.     "Hi Niall!" I say in a shaky voice, as the door opened.

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