The better Niall gets to know Avery, the closer he gets to her dirty secret that only her, her mom, and best friend Cacia know about, so far..


2. A/N

   Hi! i do have trichotillomania,which in case you're wondering,is a disorderwhere you pull your hair out.





   I know it sounds easy to stop.

...but it's not,

its like a bad habit you can't break or an addiction. that you donteve realize what you're doing.

   I get bullied for having short hair.

my mom makes me have it because 'it makes it look better'.

this has been going on since the begging of 5th grade so about 4 years,going into ninth grade.

i pulled my eyelashes out in 4th though. now i wouldn't dare.. my eyelashes are my favorite thing,ever.

people tell me:boy hair,worthless,trash,fat,ugly,big face,slut,whore,skank,ect.

and after start to believe it..



im gonna make an instagram for selfies for people off movellas,andi already have a fanacc. @blondehair_blueeyedangel and my very favorite acc: @diys_yo..




i want people to know bullying isnt ok..


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