Dark. [ A Harry Styles Fan Fiction]

This is NOT my story! I am only posting it because it's not already on movellas and it took me a long time to find it so it's really easy to find on here. I absolutely love this story and I think you will too! All credits go to han-rawr on Tumblr!

"I can tell you're going to be a challenge." He almost growled. "I like that." Harry smirked.
He dipped his head, nudging mine to the side before I felt his lips press to the skin of my neck. The ends of his curly hair tickled my cheek. Harry reluctantly released one of my arms so he could hold the back of my head, preventing me from escaping. I instantly placed my free hand on his chest in protest, attempting to push him away as I felt him harshly suck.
"Harry." I begged.
This is NOT my work. ALL credit goes to han-raw


32. Chapter 32

Disclaimer: credit due to the original writer. This is not my work! 


We talked through the shower curtain, as I took a seat on the closed toilet lid. I couldn’t help smiling to myself, playing back the events that had happened a short time ago in my room. The feel of Bo’s lips was something indescribable. Her first time had been a little clumsy which was to be expected, but that made her even more adorable.


“Mm.” My head turned to the curtain pulled across the bath.

There was silence for a few seconds. The only sound was that of the running water.

“You alright?” I asked, rising from my seat.

“W-Who do you talk to on the phone?” Bo timidly asked.

Her bravery now only becoming apparent with the flimsy barrier between us, unable to ask me face to face. I sincerely hoped it wasn’t because I frightened her. But I had a feeling that was exactly the reason. Maybe Bo didn’t realise just how easy it would be for me to rip the curtain back.

“Are you done?” I asked, delaying my answer to her question.

“Oh, um, yeah.” She stuttered.

The water was turned off as I reached for the large towel on the rail. Her fingers gripped the material shielding her naked body from me as she peered round the shower curtain. Long, dark hair flowing over her shoulder. I raised the towel up, ready to wrap her.

“Close your eyes.” She mumbled.

“Bo, I’ve seen you naked before. Just get out.” I teased.

“No, close your eyes.”

I laughed before complying to Bo’s request. Once I heard her climb from the bath my arms wrapped round her small body. Opening my eyes to see her staring her at me as the towel engulfed her. My hands rubbed her arms through the fluffy material, attempting to get her dry. I watched her move away and over to the door, struggling to readjust the towel, securing it under her arms.

I couldn’t help the grin spread on my face as I observed her rummage in one of my drawers before quickly tugging out a pair of black boxers. She peered at me for a second, trying to hide behind the open wardrobe door as she tugged the underwear up her legs. When she reappeared the towel was clasped in her small hand. A t shirt of mine had obviously been found in the wardrobe, the hem falling to her mid-thigh. She looked beautiful. I had never allowed any other girl to wear my clothes but with Bo it was different. She was mine. I enjoyed watching her walk round the bedroom in my baggy top.

Bo could sense my orbs trailing over her body. Blue eyes discovering my lustful ones. I moved closer to her, taking her smaller hands in mine as she peered up at me. My lips pressed a kiss to her blushing cheek as I walked her backwards towards the bed, where I pinned her to the mattress. Bo’s musical laughter filled the room as I playfully growled, nibbling at her neck. It was when our clothed chests pressed together that I became aware of her lack of bra. I grinned down at her, my hand slowly nudging up the top she had recently put on. Her eyes became wide when she realised what I was doing.

“No.” She anxiously spoke.

Her small hands hastily travelled up to grip the fabric, not wanting it to be pushed up any higher. Bo’s urgent actions left me confused. I dipped my head, nose nudging at the hand that still tightly clasped the crinkled shirt. When she didn’t move I pressed a light kiss to her skin.

“Why?” I frowned.

I had seen her completely bare everywhere else. My fingertips softly traced over her stomach. But I didn’t receive a verbal answer, just a shake of the head.

“Would it help if I took my t shirt off as well? We can be topless together.” I playfully smiled, trying to encourage her.

Bo’s body was tense underneath me. My head dipped slightly, lowering my voice to a whisper.

“I want to become intimate with every part of your beautiful body.” My hands moved up to her chest. “Including these.”

She gasped as my palms gently rubbed over her breasts, cupping and squeezing. Even through the fabric of the t shirt I could still feel her nipples harden with my careful touch. Bo’s voice remained silent, but her posture was a little more relaxed. Her eyes desperately found mine. I couldn’t quite decipher the emotion on her face. Fear of me? No.

“Can I?”

She gave me a small nod. My fingers slowly tugged up the grey material. When I got to just below her chest I paused before cautiously pulling it the rest of the way up. I made sure to brush past the taut peaks, smiling as she whimpered.

My voice hummed in appreciation as I stared down at her revealed flesh. The skin was beautifully pale and I relaxed a little at the knowledge that she obviously hadn’t sunbathed topless before. I didn’t want anyone ogling what was mine.

She tensed, Bo’s breathing picking up as my fingers trailed across to her left breast. Her chest was rising and falling quickly under my touch. The skin was so soft. Her eyes squeezed closed as I curiously leaned slightly to the side, getting a better look at a mark that appeared misplaced on her beautiful skin. This was why she had been so reluctant to reveal herself to me. I frowned as my tips traced a sizable scar round the curve of her breast. It pained me to see her eyes squeezed closed. My body laid down by the side of her, Bo’s arms stiffly by her waist as she allowed me to continue my exploration.

“What happened?” I asked quietly.

She rolled her head away, not being able to look at me. I leaned up on my elbow, my fingers gently catching her chin and turning her back. My thumb carefully wiped away a stay tear.

“I-I was in the car with my dad.” She whispered. “In the back seat. I made it out..he didn’t.” Her voice strained as she spoke the last two words.

The hurtful memories I knew were imprinted in her brain displayed clearly across her face.

“It’s ugly, I hate it.” Bo sniffed.

My heart ached as I watched the girl I cared about attempt to hold back sobs. I shook my head, dipping down to press delicate kisses to the scar. She gasped, her small hand going to the back of my head. When I removed my touch she quickly tugged the material back down, covering the area she obviously hadn’t shown anyone else. I hated to think she felt like that. She was beautiful. In my eyes the imperfection only added to her.

It looked like she was about to cry. So I acted swiftly, stripping my top from my torso as I knelt over her. I had never openly shown anyone my mark. A few girls had discovered the horrible reminder when we had explored each other’s naked bodies. But it was something I chose to keep hidden.

I grasped Bo’s smaller hand in mine, bringing it up to my side. She looked slightly confused, still with tears threatening to spill but I carried on regardless. My eyes closed as I led her to just under my armpit, her fingers lightly touching the hair as I curled my arm above my head. I traced her tips over the raised jagged line that was a couple of inches long. She sat up slightly, trying to have a better look.


She anxiously looked to me, her free hand holding onto my waist for support.

“I tried to protect my mum…my dad had a bottle.”

Bo gasped, fear in her eyes as she sat up fully beside me. I let go of her hand but she kept it there, continually tracing over the scar.

“Oh, Harry.” She whispered.

She leant into me. Her soft lips pressing multiple kisses to the damaged skin. A sigh emitted from my mouth, lashes fluttering as I rolled my head back slightly, getting lost in her delicate touches. Before I had found Bo, it was always rough; no one had treated me like this before.

I caught hold of her chin, kissing her cheek. She gave me a small smile as I carefully pushed her to lie on her back, head resting on the pillow. Her hand reached up brushing my hair back from my forehead.

“We might not like them, but they’re a part of who we are.” I spoke.

Bo’s fingers desperately gripped one of my hands, the other going to the hem of her top. I watched as she hesitantly raised the fabric, revealing her breasts to me again. I smiled at her bravery, she really was amazing. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly under my gaze. Bo observed intently as I slowly lowered down, lips pressing to her scar once more.

“It’s not ugly…because you’re beautiful.” I whispered.

My lips wrapped round her taut nipple, sucking and lightly tugging at the peak to try and provoke a reaction. She whimpered with my touch. My other hand travelling up to cup her right breast. I smiled as she placed her hand over mine, our breathing increasing with each passing second.

Bo jumped slightly as I pinched the nipple between my thumb and index, rolling the sensitive numb. My mouth pulled back, flicking heated strokes of my tongue over her breast.

“H-Harry.” Bo gasped quietly.

Fingers slid into the curls at the back of my head, causing me to release a throaty moan as she fisted the ringlets. I loved it when she pulled at my hair, it was one of my biggest turn ons. Maybe it was the thought of her having control over me, directing me to where she wanted. I responded by carefully kneading her chest, aware that she was inexperienced in most areas when it came to sex or anything related.

Glancing up to Bo, her mouth was agape as she closed her eyes. I revelled in the knowledge that I was the first one touch her like this; not being able to stand the thought of anyone else seeing her in her most vulnerable state. She trusted me. I caught the hardened peak once again between my lips, suckling as I pulled it taut. My hair tickled at her skin, something that caused her to breathily laugh.

My lips made a popping sound as I pulled back, staring down at the girl below me. I heard her whimper at the loss of contact; fingers tightening in my hair. Bo’s shy smile crossing her beautiful mouth.

“What do you want?” I asked, slightly amused.

Bo tugged me back down to her chest. My chuckle vibrating against her breasts as I left wet kisses to the pale skin. I pecked her nipples before licking a bold line up the valley. I couldn’t stop myself, laughing as I nuzzled my face between her breasts. Her giggle was contagious, pushing me away as she pulled down her top and rolled over to her side.

I playfully moaned in complaint, my body fitting in behind her.

“Harry.” She whispered.

My hand travelled up under the front of the t shirt she wore, quickly cupping one of her breasts. I gently squeezed before speaking.

“Perfect size.” My voice quiet and seductive.

Bo giggled again, gripping my wrist and tugging my hand from her body. I held her close, arms wrapped protectively round her as we laid in silence for a short time. Her question earlier from the shower still played on my mind. I wanted her to know.

Bo’s POV

I played with Harry’s long fingers, relaxing back into his strong body. My lips broke into a small smile as I felt him leave soft kisses to the back of my neck. His legs moving up closer undermine.

“It’s my mum and sister.” Harry quietly spoke into my hair.

“W-What?” I stuttered, my body struggling to wiggle round in his protective hold.

Our faces were close as we laid on our sides parallel to each other.

“Well, it’s mostly my sister. She’s still a pain in the arse.” He grinned, dimples popping in his cheeks.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out, speechless. My expression must have look baffled as Harry explained himself further.

“Y-You asked me before in the shower… It’s my mum and sister on the phone.”

“Oh my god.” I breathlessly spoke, raising my hand to cover my mouth.

Harry’s face broke out into an uncontrollable grin as he stared at me. My hand was taken in his large one, kisses sprinkled over the skin.

“It’s because of you.” His big green eyes peered at me.

“M-Me?” I stuttered, my mind not being able to focus properly, the new information a little bit of a shock.

“You were the one that encouraged me to call them…I-I can’t thank you enough, Bo. I’ve got my family back because of you.” Harry almost whispered.

I remained silent, at a complete loss for words.

“You’re not angry are you? For me not telling you sooner?” He desperately asked.

“No, No.” I gushed. “Of course I’m not angry, Harry……I’m so happy for you.”

I smiled taking in the beautiful curly haired guy in my arms. He rolled me on top of his body as I laughed. I leaned down kissing his cheek before rubbing my nose to his. Harry’s face dropped slightly as he stared up at me.

“I didn’t tell you” he shook his head. “I-I didn’t tell anyone because something always happens. I always fuck it up, Bo. I di-didn’t want to make a mess of it. I needed it to work.”

My head rested on Harry’s chest, inhaling his warm sent as I smiled. He squeezed my hand.

“Thank you, Bo.” He whispered.


I lightly groaned, eyes taking a little while to adjust to the morning sun. My body felt overly warm and I realised it was the girl draped over my body. Bo’s long hair did a good job of hiding her face as she nuzzled into my chest. I smiled, finding it difficult to remember if I had ever felt this content when waking up. I had never been a morning person, especially when I was younger. In my teenage years it was a miracle if I fell out of bed before one in the afternoon. My fingers gently stroked her dark waves back from her face.

My mind wandered back through the time I had spent with Bo. She had been the first to really take an interest in me. Not my looks, but me.

I took my bottom lip between my teeth in concentration as I focused on not waking up the beautiful girl on top of me. I gently lifted Bo, wiggling out from under her warm body. She stirred slightly before quietly whimpering in complaint. I watched on amused as she settled for wrapping her arms round the pillow I was previously laid on. A deep breath was taken in, inhaling the fabric as her breathing evened once again.

She looked like an angel. My angel. I sat on the side of the mattress, my fingers carefully brushing over her cheek as she continued to sleep. Her long hair fell out round her as she pressed her face to the pillow, Bo lying on her stomach. The duvet was pulled up, her body looking small in comparison to the large bed.

As I stared at her I thought back to what she had said to me a couple of days before. I had gotten angry with her. I didn’t intent to scare her, but I knew I had. “They’re still your family….they love you.” Bo’s words echoing through my mind. Maybe it was time for me to try again. I could try for her.

I missed them so much, but I didn’t think I could take the pain of them rejecting me. Especially my mum. The look on her face after she witnessed me beat Jess’ boyfriend was something I could never forget. Fear. Fear of me.

I gulped back the emotions a Bo broke me out of my thoughts. Her face softly nudged against my hand, her body shifting towards my warmth in her sleep. I quickly grabbed my phone from the side, carefully removing myself from the bed to stand at the end. My fingers scrolled down my contacts before I found the person I was looking for. My eyes locked on Bo’s sleeping form, her legs had curled up under the duvet as I waited for him to pick up.

“Hello?” He gruffly spoke down the line.

I had clearly just woken him up.

“Louis, it’s Harry. I need your help… I need to find someone.”

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