Dark. [ A Harry Styles Fan Fiction]

This is NOT my story! I am only posting it because it's not already on movellas and it took me a long time to find it so it's really easy to find on here. I absolutely love this story and I think you will too! All credits go to han-rawr on Tumblr!

"I can tell you're going to be a challenge." He almost growled. "I like that." Harry smirked.
He dipped his head, nudging mine to the side before I felt his lips press to the skin of my neck. The ends of his curly hair tickled my cheek. Harry reluctantly released one of my arms so he could hold the back of my head, preventing me from escaping. I instantly placed my free hand on his chest in protest, attempting to push him away as I felt him harshly suck.
"Harry." I begged.
This is NOT my work. ALL credit goes to han-raw


21. Chapter 21

Disclaimer: credit due to the original writer. This is not my work! 


“Harry?!” A squeaky voice echoed.

He spun round, taking me with him as we watched a busty red-head near closer. Her black dress was tight, leaving little to the imagination. Fiery hair draped over one shoulder.

“Shit.” Harry mumbled under his breath.

He gripped my hand tightly in his. I glanced up at him questionably before the female approached us. Her voice snapping my vision back to her.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you.” She gushed.

My eyes took in her appearance, heavy make-up, large earrings. She would have been pretty if it weren’t for the vast amount of cosmetics plastered over her face. I frowned as her hand playfully rested on Harry’s chest as she not-so-subtly pushed her breasts out. There was something telling me she already knew Harry was attending the event. Her acting was quite unconvincing. I couldn’t explain the feeling rushing through me. All I wanted to do was tell her not-so-politely to remove her touch from Harry.

“Hi Kim.” Harry greeted almost pained.

My lips parted slightly in disbelief as I watched her palm slowly slide down his long torso. The unnecessary, lingering touch irritating me. My eyes darted up to Harry, a wincing expression on his face.

“I haven’t seen you in bloody ages, where have you been hiding, gorgeous?” She suggestively asked.

Was I completely invisible to her? I cleared my throat, her sharp eyes then falling on me. A hint of annoyance crossed her features before she spoke.

“Who’s this?”

Harry tugged my body a little closer; his other hand resting on my hip.

“This is Bo. Bo, Kim.” He gestured back and forth.

“Are you two together?”

My eyes widened slightly, she didn’t beat around the bush. Her bluntness throwing me. Before either of us could answer someone called over to Harry. I recognised Sean’s voice as he asked for Harry to meet another one of his friends.

“I,umm…” Harry stuttered.

“Go, I’ll look after her.” Kim instructed.

Thankfully the small scoff I released went unnoticed by Kim who was currently grazing her lustful eyes up and down Harry’s body. I didn’t need anyone to “look after” me. I glanced to his face, his features holding uncertainty. Big green eyes flicked warily from me to Kim.

“Go.” She encouraged.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” He told me before placing a kiss on my cheek.

The smile faded from my face as Harry jogged away and I was left with the red-head. She grabbed my hand, tugging me over to a bench positioned to view the artwork on the walls. Kim immediately dropped the fake act as soon as he was out of hearing range.

“A girl like you shouldn’t get mixed up in someone like Harry…. He’s dangerous.”

I instantly knew she thought I was too innocent for him. I had a feeling Kim believed she was better suited. There was no doubt in my mind that her and Harry had been together. My head turned to look at her.

“He’s not dangerous.”

She scoffed at my reply.

“You obviously haven’t seen him in one of his many fights then.” She mockingly laughed.

“I have.” My focus left her and fell upon Harry. “Twice.”

The injuries Harry had inflicted on Jake were something not easily forgotten. Not to mention the state Harry himself was in when Jake took his revenge. When I glanced back to Kim her eyebrows were raised slightly, surprise etched into her features.

“And you’re still with him. Thought it would have scared you off, you know, seeing him like that. Harry can be frightening at times.”

I brought my glass up to my lips before Kim continued to speak.

“Despite his temper, Harry was the best sex I ever had.”

My drink came spluttering out of my mouth, to which she laughed. Apparently she had no shame in talking to an absolute stranger about her past sex life. I knew my reaction to her blunt choice of words was the one she was searching for. Utter shock. It only encouraged her to continue, especially knowing Harry and I were close.

“Oh god, the things he could do with that tongue.”

My vision swept back to Harry and almost on cue his tongue slipped out, wetting his lips. I felt my heart flutter as he turned his head to us, his right eye dropping in a wink before he gave me a cheeky grin.

“Ugh, and those plump lips. Jesus.” I noticed her hand come up, lightly fanning her face.

She laughed. My head turned towards her once again.

“I bet you have no idea the potential that mouth has.” Kim sniggered.

Little did she know I had already experienced the wonders of Harry’s intimate touch. It was clear she only saw Harry on a sexual level. But I wasn’t surprised. Her thoughts of him going no deeper than what he could do with his mouth. I found myself shaking my head in disgust. Harry was so much more than that. The conversation made me believe she knew nothing of his past, putting his violent behaviour down to wanting an alluring bad boy image. Harry trusted me, he trusted me with something he had told no-one else of. My eyes fell back to Kim. Her features held a hard edge before she smirked at me.

“I’m just popping to the loo.” She almost sang.

I nodded, not really fussed about her departure. I would rather be on my own than have her forceful company. My eyes flickered round the room, searching for any sign of Harry. But his dark curls couldn’t be found from my position. My height proving a disadvantage.

I absorbed the artwork as I weaved through the groups of people admiring the paintings. The space around me felt like a maze, not being able to see over people’s heads for any sort of distinguishing feature. I frowned upon hearing a squeaky laugh I knew only to come from my recently strayed company. Her shock of red hair was easily identifiable as I neared closer to the girlish giggling.

I soon discovered why the annoying sound had ceased. My heart felt like it was in my mouth as I watched Kim. Her lips were pressed tightly to Harry’s, back towards me as they stood in a hidden corner. But I knew she wanted me to see. Fingers fisted the fabric of his t shirt under his blazer. Her other hand wound tightly in his curls as she held him in place. I couldn’t stop the moisture beginning to fill my blurry eyes. The sight in front of me made me feel sick. I felt pathetic. I had been so naïve to trust him.

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