Sam's and Dean's daughters find love

Sam and Dean Find love and now they both have daughters. Little Sammy has twins that are 17 and Dean just has one that is 21. Sam daughters are name Abby and Emily while Dean daughter is named Haily and the boys are still in the family business hunting things saving lifes with the help of their daughters and cas and some old friend and new friends. But what happens when the girls find love will they quit or well they stay in the famliy business


1. The girls don't know what Benny is

Dean's pov

I have to wake up Sam and the girls because I just got a call from Benny and he is in a some part of England and we have to go get him. How the hell he came back I don't have no ideal, but I do know this should be fun for the girls because they love some boyband called One Direction that in live in England so this going to be one hell of a flight.



Sam's pov

I cant believe Benny is in England what the hell is he doing in England thats what I like to know.What is he doing back I have this funny feeling that it's some kind of trap I don't know why but it just seems a little off to me



Emily's pov

I still can't believe all this stuff is real like werewolfs, vampiers, angles, demons, dragons,ect. So we are going to help some guy named Benny that me Abby and Haily have never meet before at lease I don't think Haily knows about Benny but it just seems funny that we are going to England to help him.


Abby's pov

I think Im the happies preson alive because I get to go to England. I hope I run into Nail because he is my favorited out of One Direction. I know that we have to go help some guy named Benny. But I don't why we never meet Benny or herad about him I don't know if Haily ever has. 


Haily's pov

I have meet Benny when I was 17 becasuse my dad went on some kind of trip with Cas after he killed Dick Roman.Benny help my dad to come home but Cas didn't come back till a few weeks after and Sam didn't know when my dad and Cas was coming back. But I think thiers more to this story then what they told me because.Why was my dad so mad at Sam and told him he should have look for them.I know a lot about my dad's life but thier are something that he won't tell me like how my own mother is doing, or like that she don't rember who I'am, and where he went when he went on that trip with cas after he killed Dick Roman.But I well find out the truth even it's the last thing I do.  



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