It all started with omegle

I never thought I would talk to abyone special on omegle but I some how ended up talking to Liam Payne, how'd that happen??


2. kik

                 ALYSSA'S POV

              I still cant believe im talking to THE Liam Payne and that he called me beautiful and babe! i hurried and checked my kik and recieved the message from liam saying ' hey beautiful xx liam ' oh god i'm done . now he has called me that twice .. i have to be dreaming . i quickly text back just a plain old ' hey(: ' after i sent the text my eyes i look at the clock which says its 1:00 am . you might be wondering 'why was she on omegle at 12:45 ?? well that my friend is because i have no friends .! i glance back at my phone suprised to see a text back from liam already . damn that boy can text fast!

' well i gotta go love ill talk to you tomorrow night babe - xx liam ' well it was 1 am of course he has to go! i quickly text back 'me to have school tomorrow night!! (: ' oh how i hated school stupid stupid school i hated every one in that hell hole except for my best friend Dylan. the people I hate most is the populars . ' Emily Ryan Jake Sam and Kelsie ' Everyone loved them and eneryone wanted to be friends with them but not Dylan and I . why you ask? Its because they bully us every single fucking day and since everyone at that prison follow what the populars do everyone at our school bullys us to. they push us around call us hurtful names telling us to die in a hole .. being bullied isnt fun at all. the only place where people except me for who i am is the internet . i can post whatever i want and nobody judges its the exact oppiset actually. they support it . everyone on the internet cares and they make me feel good about myself. 

after i'm done thinking i go to the bathroom brush my teeth then come back to my room get my pajamas on and go to bed .. well this was one exciting night i whisper before falling into a deep sleep.


This chapter was written by @tommosbum! please leave feedback and maybe even favorite?! I love you guys <3


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