It all started with omegle

I never thought I would talk to abyone special on omegle but I some how ended up talking to Liam Payne, how'd that happen??


1. Chapter one

             Alyssa's POV

   I sat bored on my bed looking through the people to talk to on omegle video chat, but every one I saw either wanted sex or was really weird. I stopped on another person waiting for their camera to load, and what I saw literally made me freeze in my seat, this wasn't just any sex craved guy this wasn't just some girl giving you the evil eye this was someone that I loved with all my heart, this was Liam Payne!


   "Hello" he said his husky British accent rung in my ears, "hi" I said smiling back at him, trying not to faint at my spot, "what would such a beautiful girl like you be doing on here?" He said with a smirk. I swooned he was so freaking hot, "what would such a handsome guy like you be doing here" I shot back, how am I being so calm? "Touché" he smiled winking at me, IS HE TRYING TO KILL ME?!?


   "Listen babe I've got to go but do you have a kik?" He asked. Liam fucking Payne just called me babe!! "Ok handsome, yep I have a kik it's 'the_one_and_only" I said how am I being so cool right now?!? "Ok I'll text ya later" he smiled "ok bye" I said waving, he let out a low chuckle, "bye love" he said and with that he disconnected the call, I jumped up and started screaming letting out all the fangirl moments I wanted to have while talking to him. My phone buzzed, I looked to see what it was and it was and it was a kik from Liam Payne, OH MY GOD!!!!!!  


           This chapter was by ONE DIRECTION55 I love you my little ducklings:)

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