Scenes Sister

this is all about Scenes sister (who is also scene) visits her at work and doesnt want to leave since well scene is her only family. Will mymusic be able to stand 2 scenes?


1. Emily/Scene2

 Emily/Scene2 POV

I finally got home from visiting some friends in florida I couldnt wait to see my sister mostly known as Scene from MyMusic! But I always called her by her real name well not always "SCENE"I yelled see I dont use it all the time! She ran downstairs."EMILY" we talked a long time and then did some things like redo my highlights which faided on the trip. "you have to meet the others from mymusic ooh tomorow!"we got all excited "youll love Indie he is so cute!" After watching some neon cat we went to bed.

I woke up and made outmeal with little dinousours for breakfest I put on a black tee my black hoodie shorts fishnet tights and a pair of boots. Me and Scene left once we got there,there was a guy at a desk "thats intern2 hes my desk buddy!"Scene said.

"Scene whos this" Intern 2 said looking up from his laptop.

"This is my sister Emily"

"You have a sister I thought you said that we were your only family"

"well thats because she was in florida silly"

"hi hey hi hey hi hey" I said

"Hello"Intern 2 said

"Cmon you need to meet everyone!"Scene said we walked away to a gothic scary looking guy "this is metal metal this is my sister Emily"

"Oh great another emo"

"Were not emo were Scene see"We said in usion

"Whatever"He walked away and we went to another guy.

"this is hip hop but he isnt that hip hoppy any more"


"Hi Hello Hey"I said we walked to a pretty blonde.

"Hi Scene"She said "Whos this"

"This is my sister Emily Emily this is Idol"

"Hey Hi Hey" I said

"Hi Im Idol your just like Scene"She said and we went to a colorful bright flashy room.

"Techno Dubsteb this is Emily my sister" I saw two people dressed in neon colors a girl and a guy.

"Hi Im Techno and this is Dubsteb"Said the girl Techno.

"Hello hi hey" I said. The guy made some noises I didnt understand.

"Dubstep said hi"Techno translated. I smiled. As Scene and I left.

"And the best for last!" She opened into a room "Indie I want you to meet someone"

"Is it a new intern"

"No its sister"

"Oh go on"

"This is Emily Emily this is Indie"

"Hi Indie!"I said.

"Is she going to be around alot"

"YES"Scene said.

Indies POV
Now that theres 2 scenes around we are going to have 2 overly happy and bubbly people just my luck I'll have Intern 2 watch them "Intern 2!" I yelled.

"yes"He said coming in "Keep an eye on Scene and Scene2"


"Shut up Intern2 get back to work"I snapped.He exited the room.

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