the shadow [one direction completed ]

alexa was adopted after her parents died of a car accident,she knewthis would all happen one day ,what she didnt excpect was zayn malik wold adopt her and she didnt think she would fall in love with harry styles but who knew how he felt about her? that was until alex met 'the shadow' its what she called te shadow she sees in the bedroom hallway every night. harry goes into the hallway and talks to zayn about his feeling but what he doesnt know is there is more than 2 people there.
-------------------------------completed story---------------------------------------


5. the shadow

i went to bed but tonight i didnt cry a much, o much is going on that i forgot about the tragedy and my parent death all i thought about was harry.its like he was stuck in my brain,trapped , and never going to be able to be set free. i laid there for an hour till i couldnt take it anymore and got up to get water than i heard voices.not the kind that makes you think im crazy or hullusinating but i heard someone in the house talking with someone else the voices were verry framiliar but i still didnt know who it once becaue i can barely hear because of louis in the room next door kept talking in his sleep something about kevin ugh another pigeon dream,someone ate too many carrots last night. i got closer  then i started to hear the voices . ''you need to tell her'' one of them said sounded  a bit irish 'niall' i thought and then someone else '' i cant, i dont know how she feels about me after what happened last week '' one of them said with an british accent i couldnt make out who it wa but i got a little closer and saw a shadow the shadow wa tall and had buhy hair once i aw the hair i mumbled ''harry'' he almost heard me cause he looked back but i quickly crawled back to my room then i heard something o unbelieveable ''im in love with alex ,niall'' i heard harry ay i sat there in shock then i heard foot steps and i quickly jumped in my bed closing the door as well a my eyes. i heard the door open and i knew harry was tanding in front of me he leaned down and kissed my forehead i fluttered my eye open i hould of kept them cloed but i obviouly would of woken up if he did that then when i didnt wake up  he would think im faking.i aw him standing there mesy curls like he had been putting his hand trough it again and again and like tear fell from hi eyes and like he looked heartbroken like he knew he messed up big time. i faked a yawn ''harry whats up i there a problem and did you jut wake mw up with a kiss'' i knew the answers i jut needed to know his ''yea alex,there sort of is a problem can i talk to you '' he asked seriously ''of couse harry but you didnt answer my  first quetion '' i aid a i turned a lamp on and at up as harry took a chair and sat in front of me he dodged my question once again and i jut gave up by now ''alex remember last week when we had that converation in your bed room ''yes'' i replied nervously ''well,i realied i totally screwed up you were right and i wa a jerk im ssooo sorry '' he said as tear fell from his eyes i wiped it away with my thumb coming closer and closer to him '' harry i understand and its not all your fault im the one who should of just aid ye in stead of making you wait all those years .. but are you aking me what i think you are'' i whipered to him but loud enough for him to hear clearly ''alexa paige parker will you go out with me'' i smiled ''harry your aksing me to be your girlfriend not wife remember'' he smirked and said ''yea lets save that one for another time '' i laughed and we both went quiet staring into eachother eyes then we both leaned it and shared our first kis our favourite kiss our perfect kiss our best kiss... why would it be all thoe think well thats cause it was'our kiss'  i hugged him and tears slowly fell from my eyes and strolled down my face this was the best day  of my life i didnt want to move at all it was perfect . i kissed his cheek and he went off to bed it was already 2 am . i woke up the next morning and realised the boys had an interview so i ran into their roo and aved the best for last. harry. i ran into hi room and jumped on top of him he woke up and moaned ''babe ,i love you and all but get the hell off of me '' i laughed and he planted a ssmall kiss on my lips

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