the shadow [one direction completed ]

alexa was adopted after her parents died of a car accident,she knewthis would all happen one day ,what she didnt excpect was zayn malik wold adopt her and she didnt think she would fall in love with harry styles but who knew how he felt about her? that was until alex met 'the shadow' its what she called te shadow she sees in the bedroom hallway every night. harry goes into the hallway and talks to zayn about his feeling but what he doesnt know is there is more than 2 people there.
-------------------------------completed story---------------------------------------


13. the end part 1

okay so guys i know it seems too early to end this but sadly this is the last chapter dont worry its long dont worry i have tons and its not even exaggeration i have so many i cant decide if i should start it now .but school is starting and ill barely have times on weekend im gonna have tons o homework;( bt ill try to .so her you go the last chapter of the shadow  xx alex:)

                                                four months later (sorry i skipped alot)

i woke up in harry's room smiling i dont know today just felt like a good day but harry said he wanted to go on a date tonight so thats probabbly why . i got up and walked into the shower and took one in about 10 minuets and i curled my hair but kept it looking natural yet noticable . i put on my gray  and the letters in black ' i heart nerds' tee shirt and some black leggings  .it looked nice and it was pretty comfortable . i put on my grey boots and walked out of my room ,once i opened the door i smelt pancakes,bacon,and eggs. i ran downstairs like niall would of done and ran into the kitchen and jumped on harrys back.

''woah niall get off me '' he said trying to push me off 

''haha its just me but i guess you want me off soo..'' i said in a depressing voice and pulled one leg off

''no no i didnt mean that i just meant that ....''

''what the heck is wrong with you''  niall screamed inturuppting harry. we walked out of the kitchen and saw niall his face redder than ever and pinning  zayn up against the wall.

''dude im sorry but she was just so beautif-'' zayn tried but niall just got even redder and he started punching zayn and i started crying 



''you dont care if you kill your best friend'' he siad in a calming voice reminding him of all him and zayn and been trough together 

then louis and liam came out  ''we heard everything and alll i can say is im disapointed in both of you see what girls did to us we competely changed when was the last time we spent a day with eachother besides at the studio this isnt good for our friendship and its horrible for our band'' daddy directioner liam said

''im dispointed zayn you knew niall loved katherine and you ended up kissing her and liam your punching zayn right now almost killing him '' louis said holding back the tears but then i saw zayn his face covored in blood but he seemed okay 

'' niall go get dressed and eat breakfast zayn come with me so i can clean you up today you boys are all going on a day withought girl and you can hang out and remember how it was 4 months ago when you truly were best friends that means niall liam harry zayn and louis each one of you forget bout your plans '' they nodded and did as they were told and i  took zayns hand and brought him to my room where i kept some bandaids but first i  took a towel and ran back upstairs but zayn wasnt in my room which was strange

i walked in his room and saw him crying while he was looking at an album of him and the boys i came and sat beside him 

''zayn ,can you look at me for a moment '' he turned to me 

''your my big brother and im supposed to learn fromm you   what does this teach me that im supposed to go and kiss my best friends boyfriend. i dont think thats such a good lesson is it ?'' i said it was just a little louder than a whisper

''no,its not it was pretty stupid wasn't it ? i couldnt help it i liked her ever since i saw her but she kept flirting with niall and niall told me he felt the same way i couldnt stop that but we were home alone i couldnt resist but  i wish that i wasnt even at her house in the first place''

''why were you at her house zayn''

''i had to give  her a gift from niall since he went to ireland the day before there anniversarry i am a horrible best friend arent i and im definitly the worst brother im sorry ''

i finished wiping his face and said ''dont say sorry to me ,malik '' i pointed to niall who was waiting in the hallway his face in his hands 

zayns pov; i feel so bad its just katherine is beautiful her dark brown hair thats goes just a bit past her shoulders her tan skin her beautiful brown eyes she is goreous. and i love the way when she laughs and smiles she snap out of it zayn maybe i just need a girl for myself.''niall can i talk to you lad'' he nodded and came into my room

                                                             *a long explanation later *

''im sorry lad''

''i should be apoligizing i almost killed you but i cant blame you shes beautiful the day i saw her if she had a boyfriend i would still chase after her but zayn im madly truly deeply in love with her .''

''i get it i hope you guys have a great relationship lad and dont worry bout me still having feelings for her ill find my own princess some day '' i smiled patting him on the back 

''andd..well i was going to tell you this with all the boys but it seems like a good time .''

''okay?! '' i said a bit excited and nervous

'' im gonna propose to her ..and i want you to be my best man zayn''

my eyes widened and i smiled

''are you serious niall ME your best man its an honor but what about greg or your-''

''ZAYN !! greg is my brother he'll understand and he means the world to me but you mean the universe to me .your my best friend !will you do me the honor of being my best man ?'' niall asked 

i smiled even a bigger smile and i hugged him tears falling from my face

''woah what happened to bradford badboy,malik ?!''  alex asked standing by the doorway smirking 

''GET HER '' we both said together and chased alex around the house with lous videotaping it and everyone laughing and harry trying to get us to stop but at the same time alex throwing flour at us but hit harry so harry starting chasing her too

''what a life we have '' i thought to myslef


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