the shadow [one direction completed ]

alexa was adopted after her parents died of a car accident,she knewthis would all happen one day ,what she didnt excpect was zayn malik wold adopt her and she didnt think she would fall in love with harry styles but who knew how he felt about her? that was until alex met 'the shadow' its what she called te shadow she sees in the bedroom hallway every night. harry goes into the hallway and talks to zayn about his feeling but what he doesnt know is there is more than 2 people there.
-------------------------------completed story---------------------------------------


7. secrets

i got up from harry and just smiled ,i walked away to my bedroom and then i was confued when i aw some girl and zayn in there. he still didnt notice me at the doorway i coughed letting him jump from fright .''sorry about that zayn,umm care to explain'' i said akwardly he looked uncomfertable a well ''uhh well alex,this is chloe she is my sister not like you he isnt adopted shes my..r-real sister*cough cough* '' i was jut frozen and shocked he seemed nice and all but how could  he just ay that i finally forgot about being adopted and my parent now he just aid it straight to my face i realised i was just standing there 'oh umm..okay nice to meet you but what are you doing in my room''  that when he didnt reply so the girl poke for him ''hi im chloe nice to meet you too ,uh thi used to be my room so zayn thought we can share it  since before natalie used to hare a room with me i have a pull out bed i can sleep in'' i nodded remembering natalie she was zayns other sister i met her before but she is married now and live with her husband she is like a real ister to me aka an escape from these boy he was no nice i wa looking foward to gettin to know chloe a well she seemed really kind.zayn snapped back to reality and jut waited and akwardly walked away then when he got to the doorway he turned back around ''ohh by the way chloe,were still going for lunch today right '' he nodded and went back to putting her stuff anger and jelousy raged trough me ''zayn?!'' he turned around again and groaned from doing'work' . ''whatttt'' how could he forget we've been planning this forever ''today  was the day we were going to the movies just us you promised we can have a brother and sister day'' but i felt bad about aying that cause chloe was zayn sister a well. he looked upet and couldnt make a decision ''ally (her other nickname by the way al-ex so all-y),she just got back from college i havent een her in 3 months'' i was frowning now ''yea,ure i understand you can go for lunch'' i aid a i headed out the room i coudnt go anywhere he would jut follow me i was thinking about going to harry's room but im afraid he will make it into a big deal and yell at zayn for making me upset.normally i wouldnt be o upet baout omething a stupid as this but i really wa lookig forward to this day ive been planning it for weeks and this changed everything. i decided to go for a drive i quickly trough on some white ripped shorts and trough on a pink tee shirt ome white sandels and mmy bg bag with the infinity sign on it and just drive to the secret park i found two year ago i alway went there to get things out of my mind  i was walking outide and into my car when i saw something unbelievable i saw a boy with blonde hair crawling on the sidewalk i ran outside to help then i saw it was niall. ''niall what happened to you !!''i shouted ''i wwent to the club last night and i got a little drunk wooh!' he screamed ''niall come with me right now ''i brought him to the car and quickly made my way to the house and luckily i did because now i dont have to go back twice cause i realised i forgot my phone. i walked with niall and he laid in his bed and dozed off to sleep i got my phone from the kitched and went back to nialls room giving him some water then i heard him say something to me after i gave it to him and heard  somethung i wish i didnt ''alex i love you '' i laughed thinking he meant as friends ''love ou two nialler'' then he grabbed me by the wrist and i turned back around he opened his mouth then he dropped his water all over his clothes ''ialler be careful'' i said grabbing a tissue wiping him then he whispered something to me ''alex..i mean i love you more than a friend it hurts me to know harry can call you his and i  cant  it hurts me to know that u two are dating rght now on the inside im dying cause you have your hands all over me and not him'' he said stroking my cheek with the back of his hand i quickly backed away befor he kissed me ''niall stop,harry is my boyfriend you may have  feelings for me a little but your not in love your ..right now your just in love with beer and food not me .go to bed we can talk about this later when your not drunk'' i said walking out the door and into harrys room i wasnt sure if i should tell him but i  guess i should he wonnt be mad if i find out later . then i heard a crash . it sounded like it was from liams room. i  ran in and found him laying there in tears .''LIAM WHAT HAPPENED'' I  shouted  ''dannielle broke up with me again why ..why did this have to happen why did i mess up this all my f---ing fault '' i was in shock when liam james paye the kindest funniest most polite and responsible boy you will ever meet curses like that you know he feels like his life is over i sat next to him on the floor and wiped his tears away ''awh li ,dont cry '' i siad with my best puppy dog face the eyes,the eyes make myself sad when i look in the mirror . ''fine fine ,but get those hypnotisying eyes away from me no wonder you and harry are dating you both have creppy cute eyes'' i laughed at im and rested my head on his shoulder and whispered '' i promise it will get better li li'' he hugged me and i gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek and decided to just go back to bed that was enough drama for a half an hour then i realised what time it was it was almost noon ugh that means ayns going to be gone with chloe im starting to think she isnt who she seems to be theres something off well not off  but different about her ... im probably just jelous . i was going to walk back to my room then i realised i havent seen harry in a while i woke him up an hour ago and saw him get up and walk to the bathroom i didnt see him leave his room though . i went to go check up on him but he wasnt there .hmm strange i checked every room he wasnt there i was worried now . i walked back in my room to call him in case he left the house but all i remember was this happening ;


<harry is bold chloe is is italic alexa is normal >


*walks in and sees harry making out with chloe*




''woah sorry but he put his dirty lips on me i wouldnt do that i have chad hes MY boyfriend'' *puts her hands up *

''bye harry''

 i stormed out of the house not knowing where i was going i  ran into the allyways until i felt blindold cover my eyed andmyself being dragged away 





a/n okay lotttsss of drama in this chapter so what happens to harry and alex will the lovebirds run away from there nest and leave eachother? will alexa make it back & who kidnapped her ?how does harry feel if nally or nalexa aka nalex (niall + ally ,niall +alexa ,niall plus allex) becomes an item ?what does liam do about his ex girlfriend will he possibly get a new girlfriend even one of allys best friends (jasmin ) what does zayn do to harry after what he did to his little sister and will zayn spend more time with ally now d chloe and ally become best friends  you will have to keep on reading to find out 

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