the shadow [one direction completed ]

alexa was adopted after her parents died of a car accident,she knewthis would all happen one day ,what she didnt excpect was zayn malik wold adopt her and she didnt think she would fall in love with harry styles but who knew how he felt about her? that was until alex met 'the shadow' its what she called te shadow she sees in the bedroom hallway every night. harry goes into the hallway and talks to zayn about his feeling but what he doesnt know is there is more than 2 people there.
-------------------------------completed story---------------------------------------


12. new friends

i woke up where am i ? oh i fell alseep in harry's room. i sighed and got up noticing harry wasnt in his room i ran downstairs and went into my own room noticing chloe there . i groaned ''what '' she asked innocently ''i know you kissed harry'' she sighed ''okay listen the truth is i DID kiss him but i didnt know you two were dating. and after i lied because i didnt want you to be mad at me you seem so nice and i didnt wnat to end a relationship before it started'' she said with  tears in her eyes not fake but REAL tears she really meant it .(hey guys its me alexa i just wanted to let you know that she is telling the truth she is a nice girl not the ''villan'' of the sory ) ''okay fine i believe you ''  he hugged me and i hugged back. ''hey so what are you doing today '' she thought for a moment ''nothing really just hanging with the boys if there free why did you wanna hang out'' she asked me i nodded ''i was hoping we can go to the park down the street .if its okay with you if you want we can do something else'' she shaked her head ''no no its perfect i didnt know there was a park near here that great lets get some breakfast and be on our way. we linked arms and walked over to kitchen  i gave harry harry a kiss on the cheek and we ran to the park. i grabbed my skateboard and started to skate on the pathway. chloe was  taking a video and pics of us .we laughed for so long and got to know eachother she is so cool. then i saw a girl with black hair nd red streak she had beautiful hazl eyes i was a bit jelous that she was so pretty (her celeb look alike would  be malese jow aka lucy stone from the show big time rush) i walked over to her thats when i realised she was riding on the same skateboard ''hey nice board '' i said miling and holding up my skateboard exactly like hers black and the bottom pink with a design of  headphones attached to a mp3 player . she smiled and held her hand out for me to shake it''hey im ruby ,i love to skate its kinda my life well that and art''' she hel out a notebook of drawings ''wow these are great im pretty okay with drawing we should hang out sometime '' she nodded''sure you can find me at the park but if im not im probabbly at my house drawing or just haanging around so heres my number we should talk some more you seem nice later gotta get home before 12 '' i nodded and waved as she skated away.i smiled and walked back to chloe ''hey sorry i was just talking to ruby , that girl with the red streaks.''  she nodded and we talked a bit more and headed home . 

harrys pov; i missed ally we just got back together yesterday and i still havent spent time with her.well at least she's happy i sat on the couch and tried not to think about her two much why do i seem so clingy right now ?  i turned on the telly and flipped trough the channels i stopped on a channel where they were doing a show about me ''harry styles has recently been in a relationship with  alexa parker zayn maliks younger sister she was adopted by zayns parents who left him responsible for her ,she has been dating harry for a while now but who know is he cheating on her,lately we noticed a seperation between them  harry has seemed to be depressed did the happy couple break up according to the fans there hoping so some of them sai-'' i cut her off y turning the telly off i was so angry . i went on my laptop and started a twitcam.i tweeted about it quickly soon there were a ton of retweets about ten minuets later i started the twitcam 

''hey guys its me harry ,so i was watching the telly  and something caught my attention me and alex are not broken up were hapy together and the cheating wasnt me ..and it wasnt even her neither of us did anything to hurt eachother it was all a misunderstanding okay .directioners im so disappointed you guys are all saying how yu hate alexa well i thought you would be happy with anything we do and love well i love alexa and if you hate her dont bother call yoursel a direction hell just call yourself a hater.''tears were strolling down my face ''im sorry for saying taht but i meant know i love her i love her with all my heart one minuet without her is like 100 years in prison . thanks for watching and if you still hate on her just get away from me and the boys and all of us .bye . '' i pressed the button and sighed i got up and put my face into my hands . i wasnt crying but i was soo upset i felt arms wrap around me i smiled to myself knowing who it is.''hm i wonder who it is''  

''its niall i want food''

i laughed turning around seeing my beautiful girlfriend holding her skateboard

''awh look how cute you are with your skateboard'' i said 

she laughed at me ''awh look how cute you are being a nice boyfriend'' 

''what '' i asked confused '' i saw you during your twitcam that was so sweet of you''she said giivngme a peck on the lips i smiled trough the kiss 

after i saw she looked like she was thinking real hard i let her sit on my lap and put my chin on her shoulder and arms around her waist ''whats worng'' i whispered

''nothing ....its just - its just the whole thing with the fans hating me the show the whole break from the problem with chloe do you think its a sign .should we break up'' tears were flowing down my cheeks

''i cant lose you ally i lost you once and i was lucky to have you back'' i said hugging her she broke free instantly

''harry ...who knows maybe this was a bad idea in the first place ''

i put my head into my hands crying this time

''we can still be friends ''

i sighed looking up at her

''is that what this is about''


''do you wanna break up cause of the hate your getting ''

she nodded slowly tears strolling down her pink cheeks

i hugged her and she didnt let go

'' babe nobody will hurt you now ill make sure of  that  i promise ...dont leave me please '' she nodded 

''im sorry harry  i was being stupid '' i removed the hands from her face 

'' no its not your fault and your not being stupid i was ''

 she hugged me tighter i kissed her forehead 

''c'mon you had a long day you should just head to bed ''

she nodded and walked to her room after a minuet or 2  followed she was lying in bed eyes closed

i kissed her forehead smirked and turned back around but she grabbed my wrist her eyes were still closed though.

''awh dont leave me haz''

i smiled ''fine move over love''

she let go of my hand and moved a bit to thw other side.

'' i love youu'' i said an smirked she smirked too

''love you too hazza'' and with that we fell asleep

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