the shadow [one direction completed ]

alexa was adopted after her parents died of a car accident,she knewthis would all happen one day ,what she didnt excpect was zayn malik wold adopt her and she didnt think she would fall in love with harry styles but who knew how he felt about her? that was until alex met 'the shadow' its what she called te shadow she sees in the bedroom hallway every night. harry goes into the hallway and talks to zayn about his feeling but what he doesnt know is there is more than 2 people there.
-------------------------------completed story---------------------------------------


10. hospitals and tears

harrys pov; i felt nothing all i saw was black all around me i felt like i couldnt move where was i ? was i dead ? then i remembered alex .that guy was hurting her i had to save her ten i heard a voice.''harry please wake up your in a coma i dont know if you can hear me but listen harry i need you please babe come back to me i need you here with me i need you to protect me i need you here to comfort me '' it wasnt just A voice it was her voice her beautiful voice. i knew i had to get back to her i pushed hard to move to get out of here i remembered her saying she needs me i used all my might then i saw her i saw the love of my life she was here i was here we were together .

allys pov; why why did this happen and cause of me i needed him back i needed  him to be here with me slowly after i told him how i felt i saw his hand move a bit i looked at him and smiled was he coming back to me or was he going to be gone for good. nervousness and happiness filled trough me then his eyes fluttered opened.''ally i am sooo sor-'' i cut him off and just crashed my lips into his i dint want that moment to end .''you love me again'' he said with a happy yet confused expressed on his face i smiled ''who said i stopped'' he smirked and i brushed his lips once more but it was quick ''im gonna call the docter '' he groaned ''no i want moreeee'' i laughed '' you sound like niall after he eats all the food in the kitchen'' he laughed along and i kissed his cheek and the doctor came in soon ''oh mr.styles luckily your awake otherwise you could of been in that coma for who knows how long you might never even came back'' i gulped at the thought harry just held onto my hand ...tight. i smiled at him he returned it and we were giving eachother glances like we were both thinking the same thing ''when the doctors out lets kiss again'' we both kept looking at eachother as the docter stood in th middle akwardly ''oh umm mrs styles you are free to go right after one last checkup.'' harry nodded and sat up ''oh miss,you will have to wait outside'' the docter said facing me i looked at him and then back at harry who simply nodded his head and then kissed me on the cheek ''i love you '' he whicpered sending shivers down my spine but i loved how he did that ''i love you too'' i slipped a tear realising this was the first time we really said it to eachother he smiled wiping the tears from his eyes and also mine  with his thumb.

                              *                                            *                                        *

after the checkup me and harry wlaked hand in hand back home where zayn nearly hugged me to death ''hey malik we just left the hospital dont kill me'' i joked then harry jokingly protected me with his arms wrapped arounf me ''ill never let anyone hurt you '' we both laughed then harry returned to his normal positition ''sorry that must of felt uncomfertable '' he whispered and i whispered back ''yes...but i like it better that way'' he laughed and wrapped an arm around my waist like before.and held me close i smiled at him. i went on my phone nad decided to tweet a bit thwn i noticed ever ince i was with the boys i had about half as much of there followers that was alot considering im only zayns sister ...well and harrys girlfriend....and practcicly nialls best friend since im always cooking and giving him food. 

@SexiiLexii ; my bf is so protective he may be no superhero but he is my superhuman #harrystylesakacatman @harry_styles i showed harry and he kissed me on the cheek and laughed at the catman part ''i would be a great superhero if i had to do something involving cats ''not the point harry''  i said as i laughed at the idea of harry in tights 

@harry_styles; im cat man ;) ....wait scratch that im not wearing tights under my underwear i rather go nude ;P @SexiiLexii thats something u want to see isnt it love haha just messing  btw i love ur name babe ;)  i read his tweet and laughed then came to the u would want to see that part and blushed ''i was joking love'' he said still laughing 


a/n i hope u liked this chapter btw have u seen the TCAs omg harry twerking it was amazingggg so funy and cute and i saw zerrie there awhh okay hope u enjoyed bye amazing people who are smart to actually read my movallas '-' ;) thanks guys byeeeee - alexa 

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