Rehab(Harry Styles)

What happens when the famous Harry Styles is sent to rehab? Well, it's going to be a real roller coaster ride. This is a story about love, relationships, and a whole lot of drama.


6. Chapter 6

Later that day
Harry's POV~

All we had done so far today was go over rules, and the consequences of breaking the rules. It was pretty boring. Now it was time for the boys to leave because they weren't allowed to stay any longer. Apparently they had to "let me heal on my own," I thought it was stupid but I didn't get a say in anything. 

I said goodbye to the boys and gave each of them a hug, I hugged Louis last and he said 
"Harry we're doing this for your own good. Remember you are here to heal not to go chase after girls," 

"Yeah I know Lou," I grumbled. 

He gave me a pat on the back and left. I watched as the boys drove away from this jail cell. Sophia came up and told me to come inside. 

"Harry you have your first therapy lesson today, you'll be seeing Dr. Feldman today, and don't be late," Sophia said.

I didn't reply I just walked down the hall to the hospital area. The rehab center was connected to the local hospital. I kept walking until I saw a office with the name Dr. Feldman on it. I knocked on the door and a feminine voice said come in. 

I entered the room to find a regular office. The doctor was sitting behind her desk. 

"Oh hi, come on in Harry. I'm Emmy Feldman but you can call me Dr. Feldman," she said. 

"Uh, I'm Harry, Harry Styles," I said.

She let out a little laugh and said 
"Of course I know who you are. So I was thinking that I would start off with a few basic questions before we get into some of the serious stuff," she said.

"Whatever," I said unhappily. 

"Ok forget that. Harry tell me why don't you want to be here? I mean it's obvious," she said. 

I don't know what came over me but I lost it. 
"Why the fuck would I want to be here! It sucks here! I have absolutely no freedom! I don't even have a stupid drinking problem so there's no reason for me to be here!" I exclaimed.

"The first step to recovery it to admit that you have a problem. Harry tell me if you weren't here today what would you be doing tonight?"

"Probably would invite the boys and Ed over for a couple of drinks," I said but immediately regretted mentioning the alcohol. 

"How much is a 'couple' of drinks. I think we both know it never stays at only a few drinks," she said.

"Ok, sometimes I get drunk but not a lot," I said. 

"How many times a week do the boys and Ed come over for drinks?" she asked. 

I figured that if I told her the truth then maybe I could get out of here faster. 

"Ok fine, I get drunk on most nights," I mumbled quietly, then I said "I may have a bit of a drinking problem," 

"Good Harry, you're already making progress even though you still have a long way to go," she said. She continued
" I think that's enough for today, now Harry I have something that I want you to do," she said. She then took out a regular sized jar with a lid on it. 

"Every time you feel like drinking I want you to take a small piece of paper write one word on how you're feeling then put it inside. Later when you've healed more we will open it and go through some of what you've written. Also I have a journal for you and I want you to write down stuff in here. It can be about absolutely anything," she said. 

She handed me a plain notebook, and signaled for me to leave. 
"Oh and by the way Harry you can leave your jar on the counter in the dining hall next to the others. Also I think you guys are having a movie night after this, and please be nice to Aaliyah she's been through a lot today,"

"Ok, umm if you don't mind me asking what happened today?" I asked. 

"Sorry Harry I-" 
"I get it you can't tell me without her permission it's fine," I said.

She smiled and went back to doing some work. I walked out the door to the dining hall to put my jar away. I ran into Derek on my way there. He was making popcorn.

"Hey Harry we're having a scary movie night in the common room, a few people from another section of the building are joining us so go there soon!"
I nodded I kept walking until I saw the jars sitting on the counter. I put mine down and inspected the other jars, Brandon and Emma's were both about quarter way full, Pipers was half full, and Derek's had barely any papers in it. Aaliyah's was almost completely full.
I wondered why hers was so full. Wait no I didn't I don't care for her I'm here to heal. Well, that's partially true she's beautiful and I do care for her but I cannot fall in love. I just can't. But there's no harm in liking someone right?

Aaliyah's POV~

I walked into the common room for the movie night. I really hoped it wasn't a scary movie I don't do well with those. I sat down on one of the couches wrapped up in my quilt, when Harry came walking in. My god he looked handsome. I don't know maybe it was the way his curls were or his dimples but he was just- no stop it! He doesn't look good, you don't like him so stop thinking about him like that! He came and sat next to me. He said hi I just mumbled a hey back. 

Derek and Piper came in the room with popcorn and the movies.

"Hey guys tonight we'll be watching...Paranormal Activity 1 and 2!!!!" Piper said.
"Oh god," I groaned.
"What's wrong?" Harry said laughing a bit at my reaction. 
"I HATE scary movies!" I told him. 
"Don't worry, I'll protect you," he said cheekily. He wrapped his arms around me in a protective way. I adjusted my quilt so we were both wrapped up in it. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it. I know that I told my self to not like him but it was so hard to resist. 

Then the door opened. 
"Ah, our guests are here," Derek said. 
2 guys walked in and sat down on the other couch and then a girl came in. She was dressed in the sluttiest pajamas ever. She was showing way to much cleavage and it was a dress ten sizes too small. I noticed her staring at Harry seductively and I couldn't help but get a bit jealous. I looked up at Harry who was looking at something on his phone, his other arm still wrapped around me. 

"Hi I'm Amber," she said. 
God her voice just sounded sickening. Thank god Derek and Piper took the empty seats next to us before she could. I let out a small snicker and she shot me a glare that said "Back off!" 

Derek started the movie and Harry locked his phone and started to pay attention to the movie. He gave me a small squeeze and then pulled me into his chest in a protective way. He smiled down at me and I smiled back. I really enjoyed his presence. I glanced over to Amber and she did not look happy. Welp sucks for her. She shot me another nasty glare and turned her attention to the movie making sure to spread her legs apart as she did it. 

Oh boy this is going to be a long night I thought.

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