Rehab(Harry Styles)

What happens when the famous Harry Styles is sent to rehab? Well, it's going to be a real roller coaster ride. This is a story about love, relationships, and a whole lot of drama.


5. Chapter 5

Harry's POV~
Ok that was weird. I have no clue what happened, but we could all sense that something was wrong. Because Sophia had left someone else came in to watch us. I didn't see the need to have to have to be supervised but I didn't get a say in anything. I didn't even get a fucking choice to come here.

A man who looked to be a little older than us walked in to the dining hall, he introduced himself 
"Hey, my name is Anthony, I'm the substitute supervisor for whenever Sophia can't be here," he said.
He continued "I'm just as knowledgeable as Sophia is so if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask," 

"What's going on with Aaliyah?" Piper asked.

"Is everything ok?" Liam asked. Typical Liam I thought always looking out for others. He didn't even know her but he still sounded like he cared.

"Look guys," he started, "I'm not in any position to tell you anything about her without her permission. That's actually against the law considering I work here. But I actually don't know what's going on sorry," he finished.

"But is everything ok?" Liam asked again.

"Honestly I don't know. I mean overall you may think she's happy but we all know she's not. Things in her life are complicated right now," Anthony said. 

Before we could ask any more questions two guys walked in. They looked to be just a few years younger than us. 

"Wells, Blake, what are you doing here?" Anthony questioned.

"Where is she, is everything ok?! I saw the email but it wouldn't let us access it from our phones," Blake said worriedly. 

I assumed that they were her friends, considering we aren't supposed to have visitors in the morning.

"Down the hall first door on the left," was all Anthony said. 

It had to have been something serious because of the worried looks on all of their faces. They made their way down to where Aaliyah was supposed to be. 
We went back to eating our breakfast, the atmosphere was so thick that you could practically slice a knife through it. I guess you could say we were all worried for her even though we didn't know her, I mean she's in rehab how could you not feel bad for her. 

Our silence was interrupted by a loud scream coming from the hallway. We all stood up in response to it, but Anthony motioned for us to sit down. Alright I'm not going to lie now I was really really worried. All I could do was wonder about what was happening in that room. 

All of a sudden two doctors came bursting through the room, one wheeling a gurney, and the other wearing gloves holding a needle in her hand. After seeing them walk through I got a sick feeling in my stomach. We watched them slowly as the walked down the hall and into that specific room. 

Then it came again, that scream. Followed by loud sobbing and quieter screams. Now it was almost as if you couldn't hear Aaliyah's cries for help. 

Anthony got a text message I don't know what it said but as soon as he read it sadness was all we could see in his eyes. 

"Come on guys we have to leave, let's visit the common room shall we?" Anthony said sadly.

"You mean we just leave her there?!" Liam exclaimed. 

"She's in good hands now, everything's ok now, everything is going to be ok in the future. Aaliyah's ok that's all that matters," he replied.

We all looked at each other and slowly one by one started to follow Anthony to the common room. As I walked past him I couldn't help but wonder why he talked like he was reassuring him self that everything would be ok. Because honestly we all know that nothing's ok.

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